September 11, 2017

Weekend 9/9 & 9/10

Well, I came down with what seemed like allergies the first half of Saturday,  but they were more cold-like symptoms toward end of the day. I felt slightly better by Sunday but was pretty much out of commission.  Today is Monday and I feel 90% better.  So food wise the entire weekend was boring, though I still had an appetite. Being out of a routine sucks, but I believe when we get sick, it's simply nature's annoying way of telling you to rest up, and I did just that.


Breakfast- I started out late because I slept in. I honestly don't recall, but I think it was oatmeal.

Lunch I remember because I spent the morning out with Claire doing errands, and by 12:30, my stomach was crying for food.  I felt famished.  I ate two slices of leftover pizza and had a few triscuit crackers.  I drank lots of water and tea throughout the day.

Dinner was some BBQ pork ribs, I had about four pieces and some spicy tortilla soup; in hopes of clearing my congestion up.  I think it worked slightly.

Dessert was just a shit ton of pretzels with a honey-cinnamon spread I found at a winery I went to a few weeks back. 


Another late breakfast because I slept in.  Oatmeal with almond butter, frozen dark cherries, cinnamon, chia seeds and almonds.  It hit the spot. And I actually had a cup of coffee.  Normally if I'm sick and have a sore throat, I never do coffee because it's not soothing.  Saturday I couldn't, but Sunday was better.

Lunch was just leftover spicy soup.  b-o-r-i-n-g.

Dinner was turkey and cheese baked tacos and they were awesome!  I was good about no dairy up until dinner but I was starving and they hit the spot!  You bet I added tons of hot sauce to my tacos!

Dessert was a mixture of trail mix stuff: kettle corn, honey roasted almonds, reeses pieces candies and LIFE cinnamon cereal.  It's truly the best sweet and salty blend I ever made in a Tupperware container.


  1. Like to read the what you write and convey us the message of your weekend. Mine went just like yours just getting up very late and not having good breakfast.

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