September 8, 2017

9/8 Food Log

Nothing too exciting today, but just glad the weekend is here!

Workout- 4 miles + stretches and some abs.

Not too hungry this morning. 

7am- bite of banana and coffee with vanilla coconut milk creamer.

8:30- LIFE cinnamon cereal with skim milk

10am- a few handfuls of honey roasted almonds and water

12pm- a little hungry but didn't want anything big nor did I know what I wanted.  I had a couple carrot sticks with hummus and a slice of whole grain bread with pb./ water.

2pm- a few pieces of dark chocolate.  It hit the spot!

5pm- veggie pizza for me from Trader Joe's.  It's really good!  I had three slices and a few bites of my daughter's egg noodles with butter, corn and peas because she barely ate them. A small glass of white wine and water.

8pm- a few small scoops of vanilla bean coconut milk frozen dairy dessert ( so damn good)!  The brand is SO Delicious! with some LIFE cereal again as a topping and some chocolate syrup.  More water.  So yum!


  1. i turned on my television that day only to realise that it was no ordinary day. i still remeber how scared and horrified i was of the vile act that was happening at WTC on 9/11. it truly was a tragic incident.

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