September 11, 2017

I know everyone gets this question a lot and I'm assuming most of the time, on this exact day.  I know it's a sad question but we can handle it.  Where were you when  9/11 happened?  It's just one of those tragic events where it's so profound, we remember most of the details.  I'll give you a very short version of what I did that day.  I was in college, but did not have a class that day.  I had a dentist appointment that day.  It was just a regular cleaning.  I remember talking to my mom who was at work because she called me.  This was right before I had to leave for my appointment and then the first place hit the World Trade Center.

I got to the dentist, and by that time, the second plane had hit.  It was pretty subdued there as you could imagine and I was getting a cleaning while just staring at the television.  Crazy.  The rest of my day was just watching alllll the coverage, crying, waiting until my parents got home and just cried along with them.  

Life is so precious.  Be grateful for what you already have.

Okay. I'm done. See, I told you it would be short.  I'd love to know where you were and what you did that awful day.


 Breakfast was two cups of coffee because I just didn't feel hungry.  My daughter also had her first day of pre-k so I was just consumed by that.

Late-breakfast: by 10:30am I was pretty hungry so I had a boring piece of peanut butter toast and a pumpkin spice Greek yogurt.  It hit the spot.  Lots of water.

Lunch- 1:30-wasn't too hungry but felt like I needed something so I opted for a green smoothie!  Spinach, almond milk, half frozen banana,  about five ice cubes, cinnamon and a scoop of chocolate protein powder.  It was SO yummy! I also always have a smoothie if I'm hungry but have no flippin' clue what I want to eat. It's a great and easy way to get some greens in!

Dinner, 5pm- pretty hungry!  I was painting with Claire when I decided to eat two leftover tacos. And around 6pm, my husband made shells and cheese!  I had a small bowl of that.  YUM.

9pm-no dessert. exhausted. g'night!

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  1. Indeed 9/11 was a traumatising event for all of us. Suddenly everything vanished within a blink of an eye without any hint. Keep writing more of your experiences and thoughts