February 3, 2017

Intuitive Eating

Let me start off by saying that intuitive eating is ( for some silly reason) a controversial topic.  I have no clue as to why, so don't ask me.  I personally prefer eating this way and so far, within the last couple of years or so, it has worked well for me.  We all eat what we want, how we want, and when we want, so in my humble opinion, intuitive eating seems like it could be a no brainer. We all know ourselves and how our bodies work the best; therefore, I say eat food however you intend to eat it. Do I eat intuitively all the time?  Heck no.  I'm human!  I don't always stop when I actually feel full and let's call a spade a spade here, no one can eat just one thin mint. If so, I'd truly like to meet that person for coffee and chat about it. I have just found what tends to work for me on most days, and that's being in tune with my body and hunger cues and then eating something that has some filling properties to them.  

Whole foods are the way to go because they offer satiety.  Protein, carbs and fat you can bet your tush that after eating something that contains any of those nutrients, you'll feel full for a couple of hours.  Intuitive eating helps keep me from binging on salty and sweet snacks throughout the day.  Again, this isn't all the time and if I want a sweet snack or a not-so-healthy-breakfast, heck yes I'll eat that donut or indulge in a piece of dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate is healthy anyway. It all depends on the day and to be frank, eating food is so much more enjoyable when you actually feel hungry.  

The older I get, I prefer eating intuitively more.  I am also noticing that I can't eat large portions. If anything, I prefer to make dinner my biggest meal of the day and I feel it's important for everyone to eat at least one solid meal a day. But after a big bowl of pasta the other night, I didn't finish it entirely and I was starving, but even the amount I did eat made me feel very full very quickly.  I also ate three crackers with cheese while the pasta was cooking because again, I was getting hangry.

I highly recommend this book by Geneen Roth.  It's about her journey through weight loss, all of the ups and downs and dives head first into why we eat what we eat and intuitive eating.  This book opened up my eyes a bit and made me look at food differently .  That's not to say I looked at food negatively or deprived myself.  I adore food; good food and for the most part, organic and wholesome foods. I simply agree, for the most part with Geneen and her ideas about trying to simply eat when we feel hungry.  She has great tips as well.  For example, never go to a dinner party or gathering starving.  The time might say 6pm, but dinner won't actually be served until 8pm. Always be sure to have a light bite before hand. 

 How do you like to eat on the daily?  Are you in tune with your body and hunger cues every now and then? 

 I'd love to know your thoughts on this topic!

September 21, 2016

Herbed NO MAYO Potato Salad

Potatoes seem to be the one food that's a hit or miss for me.  I'll have the occasional potato salad at a Summer BBQ and of course mashed potatoes with gravy  or sweet potatoes during Holiday time, but I rarely cook them myself.  If my mom makes a roast chicken or roast beef and serves mashed potatoes with them, of course I'll eat it.  I actually love potatoes, they are just not my go to.

I have been trying to cook different meals more recently and become inspired from different magazines and food blogs.  What's even better, I have been trying to stick to the meal I have written down on the weekly menu and still cook it even if I am tired from a long day and would prefer to order a pizza. That's just too easy sometimes. So one night I wanted it to be burger night because yum. My husband would grill the cheeseburgers and I would make the potato salad.  I was not in the mood to make it at all but it came together so quickly.  I also didn't want a fat-laden potato salad with mayo in it and I was not going to buy a store bought container of potato salad. 

Besides washing the potatoes and chopping them up, they came to a boil rather quickly, were super tender and the herb dressing was a breeze to make and so, so good.

I also love making stuff like this because you can have leftovers of it for lunch! 

You're going to love this recipe!  I think next time I might add chopped, crispy bacon to it.  That might put it over the top!

Recipe from Cookie and Kate

August 18, 2016

Not-so-thrilling Wednesday

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016 

Workout:  tried 20 pound dumbbells!  And ran a quick arm up run.  I personally want to see a little more definition in my triceps area and from what I read and hear and with some tips from a fellow lady blogger, go higher with weights!  We shall see.  I try to incorporate weights and different circuit movements 2-3 times a week.

Breakfast: Was a little hungry but just ate a banana and picked up my coffee from dunkin’.

Around 830am my co-worker brought in soft and HOT pretzels from the pretzel factory.  How can I say no?  I ate it with some spicy mustard.  It hit the spot! 

Lunch:   Delicious Brown rice, chicken and veggie bowl with steamed dumplings filled with tasty spinach and water from Wok Works.  It is so crazy fresh and good there- and the workers are such a friendly group!  ( no picture because I ate it at my desk and I'm over the awful lighting in there).

Dinner:  I didn't eat until around 8pm because I swear the lunch I had held me over until around then.  I'm also learning that my body must hate me, because when I eat lighter things, I am never satisfied, but god forbid I eat something more substantial like a rice bowl (i didn't even finish the whole thing) my stomach is filled for hours.  I see that as good and bad.  I had a bowl of peanut butter puffins and about an hour later I binged watched The Real Housewives of New York for an hour and scarfed down the rest of cubed watermelon that I had in the fridge. 

It wasn't a typical day as my husband text me in the later afternoon and told me he felt like absolute piss- chills, sweats, aches, head hurt.  Poor guy.  I decided to still take a half hour yoga core class that I wanted to try at 6:30 because I cannot remember the last time I took an evening class of any kind, let alone a workout class.  It felt great and I;m glad I stuck with it and the most interesting part?  I was the only one in the class!  I have had the yoga teacher a few times before this one but MAN is she pretty tough but sweet at the same time and kicked my arse for sure.  But it was cool because for 30 minutes I had a personal trainer, sort of.

I'd like to stick with that class at least 2x a week, but it also depends on my schedule so we'll see what happens.

It was an interesting day for sure!  

Lunch:  big meal or small?  I have to keep it small and I just try to go with how hungry I am.  I like to feel filled for a while but feeling not so hungry by 9pm is sort of a bummer too.

August 16, 2016

A Muggy Tuesday

Tuesday: August 16th, 2016

Workout: Hot Vinyassa Yoga- 1hr.

Breakfast: small vanilla nonfat latte, half of a Lemon Meringue flavored Greek yogurt and some raw almonds and walnuts. (The yogurt was just okay and I wasn’t too hungry).


Lunch:  buffet!! I opted for healthy and filling:  a small spinach salad with three cucumbers, 3 chunks of avocado, 3 cooked yams, a couple cooked string beans, a barley and rice mixed salad with feta and dried cranberries, one slice of watermelon and three slices of fresh mango and 1 lonely hard boiled egg.  A little bit of balsamic vinaigrette.  I ate most of it. It was goooood.

Dinner:  Grilled Salmon.  No Photo. Was hungry and too lazy.  Once I sit on the couch, all bets are off.  Rest assured, it was so yummy!

Today I went in the office, a bit bleary eyed and in shock mode upon first waking up.  I must have been in really deep sleep because I know I had crazy dreams, but don’t actually remember what kind specifically.  My alarm went off at 5AM and I for a minute, had no clue where I was or what was happening.  I literally jumped out of bed, ran to my phone that I purposefully place across the room, turned off my annoying alarm and promptly got dressed for hot yoga that was to begin at 530AM.  It’s about a 10-15 min. drive to there from my house.  I packed my big “workout” bag with work clothes and it already had shower staples inside so I was set to go.  It’s been a few weeks now of, as I like to say, over-indulging on amazing food.  My husband and I are well aware that we’ve gone overboard on ice cream and donuts over the past month, eating out a little more than necessary instead of eating in and cooking our own food, but I do know we have savored enjoyed every.single.bite.  Because let’s face it, food IS amazing.  I wouldn’t say we’ve gone crazy with devouring huge portions, and we both don’t snack too often.  I love snacks just a much as the next person, but I’ve been trying to focus more on eating “meals.” And foods that are whole and can keep me fuller longer.  It’s a struggle for me certain days, especially when I work from home because I want to eat all the things!

I think everybody experiences that feeling at one time or another. So back to the overboard on dessert train for a minute.  The hubs and I decided that in order to regain some of our control over food choices, in this case desserts, we are cutting them out until the Holiday season. I can’t and will not go without a slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.  His birthday actually falls on Labor Day this year and we’re going out to dinner to celebrate, which I’m sure we’ll indulge in a dessert of some sort. So yes, up until that night out we won’t be having ice cream or cake, and the day after his birthday until Thanksgiving, no ice cream or cake or pie.  Halloween will be interesting.  I don’t think I’ll buy candy to hand out because we’ll be taking our daughter who is only 2 ½ out to trick or treat and then probably go out to dinner afterward.  This doesn’t mean I may not freeze any Reese’s cups she might get and maybe let her try half of one.  Who’s to say?  It’s Halloween.   But regardless, we both definitely need a little break up with ice cream for a bit.

Dinner tonight is grilled Salmon.  Oddly, Salmon fills me up on its own and I looove that.  If I do feel a bit hungrier, I’ll have some carrot sticks or make a small salad with cucumber.  I like to go with how I feel.  Can you guess who will be cooking dinner?  HUSBAND!!  Salmon on the grill is just the best!  At the point, I think we have Salmon once every 2 weeks?  But it varies.   If I feel like I need something sweet later after dinner, I’m set up with healthy options.  I have chunks of watermelon in the fridge, yogurt and strawberries.  Hope you had a great Tuesday!

August 5, 2016

Recipe Findings: Weekly Menu- Week 1

I love finding easy, sometimes healthy and delicious recipes to make for my family and I.  They either come from old cookbooks, magazines, food blogs and some are even within my family.  I always seem to keep them in binders and folders, which is a good start to collecting them, but then they don't get touched for months.  In the summer it's easy and hard because I love to cook but my husband takes on grilling ( fine by me)! and so my weekly menu plans eventually lack their luster and I get into a rut with " Monday: grilled chicken breasts with grilled corn on the cobb" Tuesday: Grilled BBQ ribs with a side salad....still delish, but you see where I'm going with this.

I've decided to plan a weekly menu based on all of the dinner recipes I have found and collected over the years and will cook that meal in its entirety.  From purchasing all of the ingredients, to planning each meal out for the week and finally kicking my meal rut to the curb.  There will be some caveats to this as it's still summer and 2-3 nights a week, especially on a day where I'm not home from work until 6pm, my husband can still grill.  Work commitments, or dinner with a friend can pop up, so a take out night might happen. Hey,  it happens. And if I make a casserole type dish or something that has plenty of servings, there will definitely be a leftover night. Here and there, I'll post desserts too.  But I'm the one who plans the weekly menu and I like it that way.

Menu Week 1:  8/8-8/12

Monday:  I have a dr. appointment at 7pm so the hubs can order us a pizza. Easy peasy.
Tuesday: On the Grill: Honey Sriracha Orange Chicken with corn on the cobb. *I will marinate the chicken overnight*
Wednesday: Stuffed Peppers with lean ground beef, brown rice, Monterrey jack cheese and salsa.
Thursday: Leftover peppers or chicken.
Friday: Parmesan Crusted Pesto and tomato grilled cheese from food blog *two peas and their pod* I added the tomato because tomatoes rock!
Saturday:  We are going to a BBQ later in the day.
Sunday: Roasted Red Pepper Pasta from The Pioneer Woman

 Do you plan out weekly dinners? It works for my family and I. Eating out can be too pricey and not as healthy, of course.  Again, certain days of the week we WANT to go out and sometimes it feels like we HAVE to get out of the house since both my husband and I work from home a good amount.

 Do you still love scrolling through magazines for inspiration?  I looooove magazines just for recipe and healthy snacking ideas.