September 8, 2017

9/7 Food Log

I don't know about you, but when I am having an off day, or am just extra tired and moody or it's simply a rest day for me because my body is sore AF, I don't eat as healthy.  I find that to be completely normal and it jut makes sense when you really ponder it.  Who wants spinach or a salad on an 'off' day?.  Not me. I am not saying this is an excuse to eat two sleeves of Oreo cookies or a pint of ice cream in one sitting.  But I have also done that, so no judging please.  We are human.  It happens.

Since yesterday was the day we had to get back to reality and pick up our dog and our daughter and unload the car of allll the shit that you have when you go away and the dog stuff and the kid stuff, it's daunting.  My body was also so sore so it made sense to make it a rest day, which I knew I was going to do anyway.  When the hubs and I left AC around 10:30am, we weren't starving but wanted a small bite.  I got my first pumpkin spice latte at Starbs and I had brown sugar oatmeal and he got a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.  That filled us for a while.  Once we picked every one up it was about 12:30.  It was a picture perfect clear day and 75 degrees, so we decided to take everyone to the park and get fresh air!

We left around 2pm and I decided on a whim to split a hoagie for dinner.  We stopped at a good spot that my hub's loves and an Italian hoagie ( with extra pickles on the side for me)  would be our dinner.  By 4pm I was really tired but also famished!  So we ate our first halves of the hoagie and MAN it hit the spot!  I'm usually not into hoagies but yesterday I was for sure!  I did drink a lot of water the rest of the night and about two hours later, we decided to finish our other halves because we were still hungry.  I didn't finish my half but ate most of it. We all were so tired, even Claire. She was asleep by 8pm and I know we were both out before 9pm.  It was a good day, just tiring.


Rest day.

10:30am- Breakfast was oatmeal and a pumpkin spice latte

3pm- a few chips and salsa

4pm- Italian hoagie with pickles/water

6pm- the other half of hoagie and more pickles/ water.

8pm- water/ my last coconut milk chocolate almond pop for something sweet.

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  1. Thanks for writing a review on this. I always love your reviews because of the fact that you always go in such detail and give us a really closer look at whatever you are reviewing.