September 8, 2017

9/6 Food Log

Oh boy- the past two days are kind of a blur!  The 6th, the hubs and I spent the night away in Atlantic City and celebrated his birthday dinner at his favorite place, Old Homestead Steakhouse.  It was such an awesome meal, as always.  We also stayed up *a little later* than we normally do because we could and we took advantage of that with another cocktail and late night pizza.  But I'll say we were still asleep before 1am. haha.


Workout- 30 min. strength training + abs

6:30am- breakfast ( so early for me but I was finished my workout and pretty hungry)!  I finished my over night oats and had a coffee with vanilla-coconut creamer.

 9:30- started feeling pretty hungry so i had 2 eggs, scrambled, with pepper and feta cheese on a flat out wrap with some hot sauce.  It hit the spot and held me over for a while.  Around 10:15 I stopped for another cup of coffee because we had another pre-k orientation at 10:30.

12pm- had a banana and good amount of water.

3pm- ate a Kashi chocolate chunk almond butter bar and my hubs and I started to "pre-game" and split a bottle of red wine and played some fun card games.  Good times.  ha!

5pm- left for dinner.  We had a reservation for 6pm but I think we got to the restaurant around 530 and they sat us right away.  We were sipping more wine and munching on jumbo shrimp and crab cocktail before 6pm!  Delishhhhhh.  Dinner was tender filets, husband ate 18 ounces of meat!!  And I had the 10 ounce that comes with a thick and scrumptious potato pancake type 'onion looking ring."  We also shared a side dish of lobster mashed.  Again, I apologize if you are drooling and/or are starving now.  We basically licked our plates clean!

745ish- dessert!  A warm, gooey chocolate brownie with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. Droooool.  And a candle for hubs to blow out!

 We were seeing a comedy show at 9pm so we stopped and grabbed a cocktail that was tastier than the bar drinks at the comedy show.  It ended at 10pm and we felt shockingly slightly hungry so we decided to share a medium cheese pizza.  At the time it hit the spot but let's just say later in the night, at different times, we both didn't feel too hot.  It was such a fun night, though!  When you rarely eat that much meat and that kind of rich tasting food all the time, it's something special when you do have it.


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