September 4, 2017

9/3 and 9/4 Food Log

Whoops.  missed a whole day.


I rested today completely.  I felt plain tired and still sore from 11 miles and yoga the days prior.

Breakfast: coffee and chocolate and peanut butter Puffins cereal.  I'm not a fan; the chocolate tastes like cardboard.  But the store was out of plain peanut butter puffins. boo.

I can't recall what I had as a late morning snack, but I think I had some chips because I was starving after I went food shopping and something else a little later.  I felt fairly hungry most of the day and had some chips and salsa around 3pm at my inlaws house.

Dinner- chicken parm, pasta, salad and garlic bread.  It was my hubby's birthday dinner with the fam.  I didn't eat too much as I saved room for ice cream cake for dessert.  I had one glass of red wine with dinner and lots of water.


Workout: 5.10 miles , stretches, abs, 3 different moves 2x.

Fuel- a small bite of peanut butter cliff bar and water before my run.  I was slightly hungry at 5am but just that little bit helped.

730am- Breakfast was a pack of instant oatmeal, low sugar and I added in some almond butter and slivered almonds and chia seeds with half banana and lots of cinnamon and coffee with vanilla coconut milk creamer.

930- pumpkin pie Greek yogurt

11ish- my hunger felt fierce today!  I had probably 10 triscuits with some hummus and lots of water and then a few Sriracha flavor almonds.  It hit the spot!

1ish-  I felt snacky so I had a small cup of LIFE cinnamon cereal with a packet of trail mix.  Around 3pm, as I had dinner going in the Crock pot of Roasted chicken with onions , garlic, lemon and potatoes, I decided to chop up some tomatoes that I haven't used in a week and cut the rest of my cucumbers up.  I tossed them in a honey-ginger dressing with shredded carrot, salt and pepper and had a few bites.  I felt better after eating a few veggies.  ha!

530pm-  I was starving by 430 but the chicken needed at least one more hour.  Dinner hit the spot!! Also, egg noodles went with the meal.  yum!

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