September 2, 2017

Food Log 9/2/17

7am- Workout:  Hot Yoga- power flow 60 min.

Fuel:  a few bites of banana and water. I wasn't too hungry.

8:30am- still wasn't too hungry. coffee with a dash of vanilla coconut coffee creamer.

10am- Kashi chocolate chunk almond butter bar/ water.

12pm- salad works for lunch.  Spinach, tomatoes, olives, carrots, whole grain pasta, turkey, bacon and creamy Italian dressing with a whole grain roll/ water.

130pm- a few apple slices with almond butter

3pm- water/ 1 packet of Monster Trail mix from Target- small portioned out bags.  hit the spot for a sweet treat!

5pm- taste tested a cupcake I made. homemade vanilla and some rainbow chip frosting!

630pm-830pm- dinner at a friends house. two slices of pizza, two chicken wings, a piece of cheese-steak, two glasses of chardonnay, water, a chocolate chip cookie and a cupcake.

11pm- sleepy time tea with dash of skim milk


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