January 14, 2016

Holy Windy Wednesday


Yesterday my eats were mostly healthy and SO yum!  Let's begin!

Workout- 6am.  Ran 2 miles on the treadmill but it wasn't fun.  I forgot my music and I have blisters on two toes from heels. And did I mention it's crazy windy and cold today??  Meh.

Breakfast-7am. Coffee!  HOT coffee!  dash of skim and vanilla almond milk creamer. Around 9 I felt a little hungry so I had another scrumptious bowl of hot cereal- quinoa and flax with banana, honey, cinnamon, peanut butter and dried cranberries.

Lunch- 12pm. My recent obsession is broccoli slaw with chopped apple, feta, tomato, dried cranberries, almonds or cashews, bacon bits or legit cooked up bacon and crumbled but I don't have that much time. And a little black pepper in a cilantro and avocado yogurt dressing.  You must try!  But today I ran out of apples.  Big bummer.

Snack- 2ish. A chocolate chip banana peanut butter muffin that I baked over the weekend and about 2 hours later I ate more than my fair share of gluten free granola with cranberry and cashews with an orange flavor.  It's amazing and I get it at shop rite. Photo to come.  In the mean time, Google it.  The brand is Bakery on Main.

5pm. The yearly dentist visit.  I got home around 7pm due to crazy stupid traffic.  We had a smorgasbord for dinner of leftovers; turkey chili and bow ties with homemade pesto sauce!  Glorious.


 *Delicious Pesto Recipe

Dessert- 9pm.  Because most nights I have to end with something sweet.  I was truly contemplating on getting ice cream from somewhere, who knows.  I didn't plan it out completely.  It was a thought I had but then decided against it.  I googled smoothies and came across a recipe that almost literally knocked my socks off but turns out that was just my dogs butt that brushed across my feet while sitting on the couch enjoying a cup of this goodness.  It was so thick and creamy and tastes pretty dead on to a pb&j.  It's a lot healthier than ice cream, too! Try it!

Is dessert, in any sweet form, a must for you at the end of the night?

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