February 4, 2015

Tuesday's Moderation

Tuesday was a pretty good day.

I got to go in the office. The girls I work with and I took advantage of restaurant week in the city and we treated ourselves to a fancier lunch.  

I later went into a food coma because I never eat "big" lunches like I did.  It was nice, but I prefer eating this way for lunch a treat.

My sweet girl turned 11 months old! I'm stocked with tissues for the next month. Or maybe my life.

It was cold but the sun was out most of the day and I had ice cream for dinner with my family.  Can't complain.

If you're ever in Philly, check out this Italian restaurant.  Fresh ingredients, nice atmosphere, and delicious food!

This unbelievable kale salad with apple, toasted almond crumbles and shaved Parmesan in a creamy lemon-vinaigrette was my appetizer.  It was pretty and massive and so, so good.  So, pretty massive. I'm totally eating more kale because of this salad and re-creating this salad at home.

My lunch entree was the skirt steak with drizzle of balsamic reduction, creamy goat cheese, fresh diced tomatoes, and marinated mushrooms.  It melted in my mouth. Insane. And that shmear to the left?  We think it was some beef-flavored paste.  I didn't catch that on their menu but it actually was quite tasty. And yes, I was too busy devouring my meal to care to ask the server.

The next time we grill up some steak, I'm making it a priority to purchase goat cheese.

Dessert.  Oh, dessert. 

On the left is a rectangular piece of cold, dark chocolate mousse with a light and airy cream on top. AMAZE.  On the right is "funnel cake" tossed in a cinnamon-sugar dusting , filled with a raspberry compote-jam kind of incredible-ness in the center.  In Italian, this is really called a Zeppole.

Here's the definition I Googled, because I need to be sure to eat more of these in life.


Our fancy lunch hit the spot and it felt good to get out.  Normally we grab sushi. But I'm glad we switched it up this week!

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream for dinner.  No shame.

Claire got to try some plain vanilla but it was too cold.   I wish we captured her hilarious "brain freeze face".  But she got fussy quickly so formula was the better choice.

Not too shabby for a Tuesday.

How was your Tuesday?

Ice cream for dinner? Hey, it can be a nice treat and that way you don't need a second dessert.

Do you ever indulge in "bigger" lunches?

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  1. she is so cute! can't believe she is almost a year old...time really does fly! and yes - ice cream for dinner is always a solid choice ;)