February 5, 2015

No Gym Selfies. Just Good Music.

I’m not one for constantly documenting my trips to the gym nor do I like to participate in gym selfies. There’s nothing wrong with snapping a photo of the actual gym, showing off your new kicks ( see above photo) or progress/transformation photos. Those are fine. I think at times they can be inspiring. However, let’s be true here. Some gym selfies that are out there in internet land are plain obnoxious. I don’t have to get into it much, you know the ones I’m talking about. 

At any rate, I usually try to hit the gym during the week around 6am to bang out a workout. My goal, besides trying to be healthy, is to just tone up my arms more and actually start to see some definition. And to work on my inner thighs a bit more and my running. Running is hard but it seems to be my necessary evil. All I can do is try. The workouts I choose work for me and it’s a personal preference. I’m not trying to lose any more weight as I’ve been at pre-baby weight now for about 4 months all while fluctuating here and there because, well, that’s what women do. 

So, on my instagram account, you might see some sneakers, some gym equipment like the treadmill or elliptical, and if I ever get Kelly Ripa arms ( not my goal but you see my point) then I’ll def snap a progress photo or two. But I do like to start my days off with exercise. It’s the getting out of bed part that is a real struggle some days. 

 I recently had to charge my iPod shuffle and figured it was time to change up some tunes as well. There’s nothing like workout songs that have just completely overstayed their welcome. I'm one of those people that need music to workout. As I was updating the tunes, I realized I do listen to some unique stuff while working out. I like to workout to fast-paced music. I go for the club/techno/dance stuff along with some recent pop songs and a few good 80s pop. You won’t find any Taylor Swift on my shuffle. Her songs are catchy, but they’re not for me when working out. So I thought I’d share some songs I love to run to and do weights with. These songs will really get your butt moving and I hope you’ll add a few to your smart phones, iPods , shuffle or CD players. Hey, I’m not judging. Whatever works! 

 Running/Cardio songs 

-The Beat Is Rockin' 
 -Beatbox (Radio Box) 
 -Blame Calvin Harris (feat. John Newman) 
 ( song begins at 41 mark) 
 -The Killers Song- Carolina Marquez
 -Moments-Noise Maker  
(great song. weird video)
-Unidos Para La Musica (Cosa Nostra Mix) 
-Love Me Harder (Workout Mix) 
-Only Girl (In the World)  Rihanna 

Weight lifting/Circuits/Cool down

-Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly) Lady Gaga 
-Midnight City 4:04 M83 Hurry Up
-Big Time Peter Gabriel  
-George Michael- Fastlove
-Walking On the Moon The Police  
-Heads Will Roll Yeah Yeah Yeahs  
 -Beat Goes On Madonna Feat. Kanye West 
- Dance 2night Madonna 

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