January 7, 2015

Coffee for breakfast + mac n' cheese for dinner

With all these new years resolutions in effect , it's bound to get old at some point.  I don't believe in making resolutions. Just try something different and new, try your best at it, and don't beat yourself up if you have a day that wasn't so great or you fell off track.

 Sort of like my Tuesday yesterday.

I'm in the market to just tone up and exercise most days when possible.  And of course, cook more healthy meals for my family and I. I'm not one to feast on a large breakfast unless the plan is to go out for breakfast.  I heart diners as much as the next guy but most days, a coffee, a smoothie, or an apple do the trick.

Yesterday was my day in the office. And then it snowed 2 inches and dropped down to 22 degrees. Tuesdays are long days, so the gym is out. In an ideal world, Tuesdays would be my only rest day from the gym. But, I'll make that happen all in good time.  See-no resolution. Just trying my best...most of the time.

If I don't workout, I try to monitor what kind of foods and portion sizes I eat a little bit more.  Yesterdays eats looked something like this:

...6am-7am- water/ daily vitamins
...7:45am -small coffee. black+skim
...8am-10am- busy with work. sipped on more water.
...10:30am-slight hunger attack. almond+cherry+dark chocolate KIND bar
...11am-NOON- water + stick of Orbit gum
...12:30pm HUNGRY. Hummus with a couple pretzel thins+ 10 carrot sticks + 2 hard boiled eggs +water
...1pm-3pm- type, type, type. click, click, click.  sweet tooth is intense. 1 dark chocolate caramel candy ( courtesy of my coworker) and a strawberry Greek yogurt.
...4pm-5pm- 2 Justins' dark chocolate peanut butter cups
...7pm- Mac & Cheese w/ whole grain pasta

I know I didn't workout but overall, I didn't eat too horribly. I prefer to eat when I actually feel hungry. Which is completely impossible to do sometimes.  And you know what?  That mac n cheese hit the spot on a cold, crappy, wet and snowy evening.

Oh. I forgot one more thing.  I made myself an ice cream treat around 9pm.  Vanilla bean+ mini chocolate chips +Smuckers Salted Caramel Sauce.  I just really wanted to try the sauce. That's my excuse. And it was SO good!

Now that I've probably bored you to tears about my daily food intake, I hope your Wednesday is lovely so far!  And if there's a small chance I've inspired you with food or just in general some way, please tell me.


Mrs. probably didn't need that sundae but it was the perfect way to melt a Tuesday away.

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