December 30, 2014

A quick chicken tender breading

Happy almost 2015!

2014 was such a blur. It was a wonderful year because my daughter was born, but overall, not too shabby.  I'm looking forward to a fresh new year!  What about you?

But first, let's talk food for a minute. Because we all adore food.  I especially adore finger foods.  When it comes to cooking an actual meal, I always go for the crock pot for the convenience of it, and/or cook pasta or a quick chicken dish.

This meal is super fast and delicious! It's one of our go-to meals.

But I also love plain chicken tenders dipped in a honey mustard sauce or BBQ sauce along with a simple salad.  It's quick, easy and tasty!

Here's what I do for a crunchy and tasty chicken tender breading. It coats the chicken really well! Because there's nothing like a breading that becomes soggy and falls right off of the chicken, 


...The flour dredge I found at Wegman's is awesome!  I'm not sure why it's called flour because the texture is nothing like it.  There was no mess either. Perfection!
 ...In my past breading experiences, I've tried 1-2 tbsp. of milk mixed with the eggs for the wet batter. I've noticed over time that the milk makes the breading soggy and it doesn't hold as well.  Two large eggs is just fine.

Whatever you're eating for NYE, add chicken tenders to the menu! I hope you love the breading as much as I do. We're having cheese and crackers, pasta, salad, and I'll probably have to make a few of these tenders now, too!

What do you typically eat for NYE food?

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