June 26, 2014

And some days you get stuff done

Man time flies.  And with a kid, it flies even faster!  As I mentioned in my last post, I work from home three days a week, and although it's totally great that I'm able to do that , it surely is hard certain days.  Since I'm all about moderation with life in general, I always like to say that each day is new.  I like to live my life knowing that things are different each day and I can do whatever I feel like doing. And if things aren't going the way I 'expected' them to, I try to just roll with it. I think it's also important to truly understand that no one can have every single day all put together.  No one is ever 100% put together.  That's impossible and also not fun at all.

My "you're insane" face.  

 (this was actually in a text message that I sent to my husband earlier today aka my "coworker" ) what for?  I can't remember in the slightest. Yes, when we work from home, we send text messages to one another. He's upstairs and I'm down.  ha!

So I mention the above because yesterday was a pretty awesome day, but today, not so much.  It wasn't a bad day at all actually, just things were different, and that's okay.  I survived.

Yesterday morning I woke up at 4:50 to give Claire her bottle.  She was 'awake', but I could tell all she needed was a few sips and she was out like a light within five minutes.  Let me rephrase that first sentence. She woke me up at 4:50am. I then laid back down in bed until about 5:45.  Gary slept until about 8am.  The house was quiet, I made my coffee, took Sammy for a nice long walk around 6:15, and despite it already being humid as hell outside, I miraculously had the energy to clean up the entire front yard. <<<crazy.

...Baby was still sleeping.

That bottle is bigger than her.  I swear.

As I swept and trimmed and added a few 4th of July decorations in the front of my house, along with an updated summer flag, I felt SO accomplished.  I was sweating like crazy and finished around 7:30am.  Hubby and baby were still asleep as I indulged in an amazing hot shower.  A twenty minute one at that! I technically do not have to be online for work until 8:30am, so mornings like this I loooooooooooove.

I even had time to make a pretty stellar omelet...whilst sipping on a HOT cup of coffee that I didn't have to re-heat in the microwave. Heaven.

Claire slept until about 9am.  And she was so chill for the rest of the day.  It was awesome.

Wednesday was pretty great.  Today, I didn't shower until 8pm, which was when I got home from the gym.  I pushed myself to go and had a decent sweat session on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  And then I went home. Work today was busy, but I'm thankful that Claire was still pretty decent throughout the day. Today's morning was quite the opposite of Wednesday.

 Here's what it looked like:

-Claire woke up at 5:30 and stayed up until 10am, which was her first "nap."
-I was lucky to get my teeth brushed by 11am and have a cup of coffee by noon. Gross but true story.
-Our toilet seat legit just broke off.  It was loose for a while but today it finally gave up.  That was a fun surprise going to the bathroom this morning.
-I was sitting there doing some work when randomly, my nose started to gush blood.  That was pleasant.
-I was able to make oatmeal, which is always great when you have a baby.  It was yummy and filling and I thought I so awesome for eating healthy. 

And then at about 4pm, the rest of this popcorn got punished.


I mean, at least I didn't eat the entire bucket in one sitting, right?  That's another crappy part about working from home, I'm ALWAYS more hungry at home.  I have to go food shopping, so that helps.  Maybe I won't go.

My snack plate from Wednesday.  Ahhh what a great day that was. :)

Tummy time.  She really likes it on the boppy!

I think at the end of each day, family and love and support is all that matters.  These two are all I really need. And wine.  And coffee.

Embrace every single day.  It will be different. It will be good.  It will be bad. And some days you'll  get some stuff done that you've been wanting to get done for a reallllly long ass time! :)


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