June 24, 2014

Catching up...

Sweet baby Jesus. Has it really been 5 weeks since I've written anything on this blog of mine?  Well, that's what my Google stats tell me.  It really just sucks. I miss writing. I miss catching up on my favorite blogs (I do that mainly on the train ride to/from work and if I have downtime at the office).  Life has been quite crazy lately, but seeing my baby girl after a long day seems to help with melting all the stress away.

I thought I'd catch up with you today on random stuff that's been going on in our lives.

Be prepared for boredom:

Busy, busy, busy...

Between work, baby, house stuff, date nights, baby, deadlines, sleep, baby, and finding time to just straighten my hair, life has been nuts! Juggling it all, is fun and difficult, all at the same time.  I like to think of myself as a great multi-tasker. Before life with a child, I was great at doing laundry, vacuuming, painting my toenails, unloading the dishwasher and sometimes even getting a nice home cooked meal on the table.  I thought, "when I have kids, I will rock at this mom/multi-task thing."

uh, these days it's all about spreading...most...tasks...around.  And that's okay.  We can't do it all. It's impossible.

I like the way Joey thinks.


This matches the above; we are just busy or just parents now.  Balancing life with a kid is tough. Hubby and I have our own priorities to tend to, and between work and baby and just simply being exhausted, it's hard to find time to hit the gym. Our eating habits have gotten tons better, and on the days I work from home, I always cook because it's easier and we're guaranteed leftovers. But our schedules haven't meshed well for the gym as of late.  We had a two-week streak of pretty good consistency but it's kind of on hold again for now.

I am now working from home three days a week.  It's a mixture of good and bad only because though it's great that I can do that right now and my work is totally doable remoting in, it's hard.  I have something that consumes my time most of the day unless they are sleeping or calm watching cartoons.  That thing would be my baby.  My husband works from home every day except Tuesday. So it's really awesome that we are all home, together as a family; but he's working too and can't be fussing over a baby.  But I think it's great that he can see her anytime he wants during the day. :)  We are both flexible enough in our schedules to where one of us can stop and run an errand or two or take Claire for a dr. appt. 

It's a nice gig for now.

Thank god for this magic liquid.


Claire is such a sweet and happy baby and is growing so fast!  She's almost a 4 month old ( on July 3rd), and loves "chewing' on things, smiling, giggling, tries to talk a lot and kicking every which way. We might have a feisty soccer player on our hands.  She also loves to toot and then laugh about it, hold her own bottle, and is still a great sleeper. <<jinx!  I had to recently purchase a sound machine because using an app on my phone most nights wasn't always feasible.  The girl looooves noise. I think most babies do, which is weird but whatever floats their boat. White noise especially and rain sounds/water running is Claire's specialty.  Crazy how babies just shut up at the sound of a stream or a vacuum.  I will forever have clean carpets!

She is starting to almost turn over from back to tummy while on her play-mat, and her legs are so strong along with her neck and head.  One night, I got freaked out because she pulled this exorcist move on my husband as he left the room. It was quite freaky.

 She gives us a run for our money for sure, but she's awesome. 

That's pretty much it for now and I'm glad we caught up.  I am now going to turn my laptop off and shut the lights out.  It's 10pm and this has been both our regular bedtime during the week.  Baby has been asleep since 8 and I'm really hoping she doesn't wake up until 5...6 if I'm lucky.  Lately at night, I make a decision to either blog or go straight to bed.  Clearly I decided to write this post.  

 Now it's time for bed!

Nite and happy hump day tomorrow!


  1. Love the bottom picture of Claire!! - lauren

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