May 7, 2014

I had dreams; therefore, I must have fallen asleep

See that thing right there? Not the laptop. Further back. Next to the crib. Yup, there's a baby in that thing.  We have yet to have her actually like the crib, let alone fall into a deep sleep in it.  When Claire was a 'newly' newborn as I like to say,  I was still coming down from crazy hormone land, healing, and lots of rest and naps during the day were pretty prevalent. She just turned two months.  This means naps during the day might occur once a week now.  I'm okay with that, as I'm pretty much feeling like myself again. Never mind the fact that I'd love to lose 15 pounds and tone up more, but wouldn't we all. 

Like this here blog, I like to mix up how I do things from day to day.  Not everything, just small things.  So today when Claire took a twenty minute nap, I decided to catch up on some blogs in her room.  Eventually I was convinced that the loud clicking on my laptop woke her up.  Oh well.  She took another wonderful nap two hours later, for two hours.  That was when my two hour ( I think) nap occurred.  I really didn't think I would fall asleep at all, but I did feel exhausted and did the 'smart' thing which was to sleep when the baby sleeps.

The above photo is complete and utter trickery.  This was taken the other day and it lasted for five minutes.  I'll take what I can get.  I have always had crazy dreams, and they became even more nutty when I was pregnant.  Lately, when I dream, I swear there's always some sort of baby crying from far away.  I wake up, look over at the blurry baby monitor and see that I was just dreaming.  She's sound asleep.  I know it's also mother's instinct.  Falling asleep around midnight and then waking up at 4am because I THOUGHT I heard my baby crying is so awesome.

I am now so thankful that I am a dreamer.  I always have been.  And what's even better?  I remember most of them! It freaks me out sometimes at how much I recall from my dreams.  My husband looks at me like I have three heads when I tell him some of the dreams I had.  I don't blame him.  So I am now pleased when I wake up from a day nap because I had dreams and I know that I caught some zzz's.  I've taken a few power naps before ( 45 minutes-hour ), but nothing longer than two hours.  And don't get me wrong, when I wake up, I feel far from well rested...just, refreshed.  Sort of.

This was taken post nap/ post feeding. So ladylike.

So if you dream, be thankful.

Are you a dreamer?
My husband dreams maybe twice a year.  I can't imagine that! 


  1. Carol Cannizzaro5/07/2014 10:38 PM

    Dream all the time...during naps too! A lot of recurring dreams I wish would stop! Cry, laugh, scream, talk & sometimes hit my husband during my dreams. Fantastic dreams with great detail...often dream I know famous people too. They're great lol. Also dream about relatives that have passed away...even my dog : ) My husband rarely dreams as well...can't imagine that.

    1. Yup...apparently I talk and laugh in my sleep sometimes too. It's amazing how much we recall. The vividness always gets me! :)