April 23, 2014

A fun morning and a free blouse

Hey there!

It's been a little over a week since I 'came back'.  I miss this thing called blogging. The baby has been asleep since 3ish, the hubby worked late today, the dishwasher is empty and I managed to squeeze a hot shower in!  I probably should wake her up, but we had a busy and tiring morning of Claire's first Starbucks visit with her aunt, two different malls for exercise {that would pertain to me} and some shopping.  We were out of the house for five hours and I only had to change her once and feed her for about fifteen minutes!  It was a glorious day, minus it being 58 degrees and windy as hell outside.

Oh and spit up. lots and lots of spit up. { that would pertain to the baby}

After all of that, I'm so glad I had a moment to blog.  It feels so refreshing right now to be writing.  Just typing away.  If you're curious about the two mall thing, I had a gift card to Lord and Taylor.  The first mall was with my sister in law and we just walked around a lot/caught up/stopped in a few stores and then we left. The first mall did not have a Lord and Taylor.  oops. After realizing the second mall did in fact, contain that store, we parted ways and I went alone with Claire.

She slept the entire 12 hours 45 minutes I was there. Thank GOD because with a fifty dollar gift card and most items of clothing costing $48.00, it was really difficult making a decision on the one article of clothing I'd be choosing.  I never shop at these stores because I'm not really into brand names or I simply can't spare the 25 minute drive to them/ or just don't want to.  I'm a consignment store gal all the way. Oh, and Target!

Anyway, I wound up getting a cute blush colored blouse that's nice and flowy. It will be for work.  Did I mention how stoked I am to not only go back to work, but walk to work in WARM weather?!  It's going to be really bizarre at first.  I'm used to a snowstorm every other day and twenty layers of clothing.  #shittywinter

Oh and I should clarify something. I'm stoked to start a schedule again with work and get out of the house three days a week to mix things up.  The actual work...not so much. :)  At the end of the day, pun intended, it was a great day and I got a free blouse!

I'm now going to leave you with some cute photos of Claire and from the Easter weekend because well, just because.  I also think I should be smart and wake her up for a feeding....this is a toughie when they are so peaceful looking.  Meh.

Wish me luck!

What do you consider to be a GREAT day?

Are you into brand name clothing?

Favorite Easter candy or just favorite candy in general? Reese's' for me!  Always.

By the way, that bunny is still very much alive.  Willpower?  I guess. :)

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  1. Are you only going back part-time? Did I miss an announcement? Either way - congrats on a successful outing!