May 8, 2014

Finally posting my damn chili recipe


Sooo, I realized the other day that I didn't have a recipe on here for my turkey chili.  I generated the link to where I got the basis of it on past posts, but those posts sucked. And I never simply posted it exactly how I make it. #wtf

If you are looking for a very filling, very healthy and delicious chili, look no further.

I LOVE making this and we have leftovers for at least three days. It's all made in one large pot and only takes about twenty minutes to prep everything and cook it.  This is also a great freezer meal if you want to make it ahead. Enjoy and please make this for tonight's dinner. If you want to thank me later, I like cookie cake and wine. Yep, I'm a cheap date!

Turkey Chili { Dana's way }

Here's where I got the basis to simply just make some chili one night for dinner.

These are my modifications:

*Follow the recipe per the cooking instructions.  And the same goes for the pepper and onions sauteing together. Hard and raw peppers and onions in this chili wouldn't taste as delicious in my opinion. I like the idea of cooking them on the side. I don't use coriander or oregano. I put a dash of cinnamon in; that's my secret ingredient! Well, was a secret. I leave out the green Chile peppers and the zucchini. I would normally add kidney beans or black beans to this but the husband hates beans. ::rolls eyes::  Finally, I add a cup of frozen corn.

This is a very hearty chili with or without beans, though; it's wonderful.

Gotta go, babies crying.  Maybe she wants some chili.

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