December 9, 2013

Weekend stuff

Good morning!

Didn't you just love the dusting of snow unexpected mini blizzard we had yesterday?  I know it's been snowing in the Midwest but the east coast got pretty slammed on Sunday because weather people are liars. I think they really should quit their days jobs. Jeez.

Our weekend was mostly filled with relaxing so I have zero complaints. However, I really wanted to hit the food store on Sunday for a weekly meal prep so the crappy white stuff really put a damper in my day. When you're not expecting a snow day, it's certainly not as fun! Amiright?

Lately, we've been trying to cut back on dining out and I really do miss cooking. Since I've been pregnant, we have gone wayyyy over budget with eating out. Through June-August, all I could really handle were these eats...hey, I craved what I craved.  And the most cooking I've done in the past month has been my turkey chili and cornbread muffins, {which there's still a bit in the freezer and we will be finishing for dinner tonight}. And  we have had frozen pizza or the hubs will make his mac and cheese.  That's really been it.  So I kind of need to step up my game!  I still for some reason get overwhelmed by food shopping right now and I feel as though I'm losing my creativity for meal makin'.  It plain old sucks.  

Do you ever feel this way about cooking?  You want to....but the thought of food shopping....bringing it all back home....and actually preparing everything?  Meh.  Maybe it's a prego thing. Hmmm.

Hopefully sooner than later I will get my love for cooking yummy meals back!  I also need to start my holiday cookie baking. I like to make most cookies ahead of time and just freeze them. I'm also becoming slightly overwhelmed with what cookies to make. I always make classic chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. Stemming from there will be a tough choice, but I already made a list of what I hope to make.  I also will be making these delicious things.  They are so rich and decadent, yet so easy and amaze-BALLS! ;)

Most of Saturday I finished up all of my holiday cards and I was proud!

I hand write everything, so how I had the strength to write up just about 46 holidays cards beats me.  I think the personal touch and effort means a lot. 

I always write in red ink.

 Saturday morning I made this insane oatmeal!  Super easy and filled me up for a solid 4 hours.

Recipe is as follows:
Homemade Oatmeal

-1 cup rolled oats { Quaker is perfect}
-1 cup milk { I used skim}
-dash salt
-dash cinnamon

- any toppings you love on hot oatmeal. Although, this combo really was delish and you should give it a whirl soon!   I used 1 gala apple, chocolate chips and Justin's maple almond butter. My stomach and baby were very happy.

-I just brought the milk to a boil and then added the oats. Stirred until thick for about 5 minutes and then added the salt and cinnamon.  Took off the heat and added toppings.


I now leave you and your Monday with the cutest photo ever.  Full of love! {I'm bias}.  :)

He was really all over me last night.  I know he senses something is different lately..he just can't put his paw on it. :)


  1. I still love that photo of you and the pup and the bump <3 And I feel ya on being unmotivated to cook! I love the shopping part but once I get home, I'm like what can I order in??! ;) #lazytothebone The weeks just get long and I lack all motivation, haha.

  2. thanks :) Ugh...I hope we get motivation back soon!!