December 5, 2013


Hi!  Happy almost Friday, folks!

It's been a while since I've shared a few of my instagram photos with you whilst bored at work. I am currently bored but have been feeling a little more cruddy recently. The stretching of a uterus mixed with the feeling of a really bad "time of the month" doesn't work well when you have to put in a 9 hour day at the office.  Thankfully, I'm most uncomfortable as soon as I wake up.  Once I get moving , slowly, I feel better.  I sure hope my 8 block walk to work 5 days a week is helping...

 How are you feeling these days?  What are your overall thoughts with the rush-rush of the holiday season? Time is surely flying and I'm honestly looking forward to the new year!  There's noway in hell that we are going crazy with gifts this year, nor stressing.  We have a little one coming and that's the last thing I choose to be; is stressed.  I plan on baking a decent amount of cookies and sending out holiday cards.  That's all folks.

 So I now leave you with a few recent instagram photos, { even though I have an  instagram feed on here...heh}.  But, I'm bored/getting hungry/tired/and crampy.  So enjoy.

Morning Jam//awesome, awesome book if you need to get inspired//pastry heaven//pumpkin shells n cheese for Thanksgiving//what Sammy does every time we leave the house//Panera for dinner//Spice cake mix chocolate chip cookies with fluff filling//heartburn needs//Rittenhouse Square at Christmas//Shopping center pretty tree//roasted red pepper bruschetta//clementine peel snowflake//

What do you do if you're bored at work? Either browse the internet or read my favorite blogs.

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  1. Yeah when I'm bored I usually look at some new blogs, or instagram. I like looking at pictures more then reading though lol