December 11, 2013

Sort of in the Christmas spirit

Hi Friends!  Happy Hump Day! {I'm over the Camel commercial in case you were wondering. It was funny...the first time}.

"Sort of" in the Christmas spirit by definition:

-I hate the idea of people running around like chickens with their heads cut off just for presents.
-It's still like any other holiday...commercialized. 
-Stress.  And for what? Really. Think about that for a minute.
-I can't help this at the moment, but I'm realllly missing adult beverages; especially this time of year. Have you seen this commercial yet?  I doubt that will be around in March. Bummer.

Below are things that I am a bit in the Christmas spirit with! aka less Grinchy.  It's nothing groundbreaking, so if you want to vacate now I understand.

For some odd reason, and this really doesn't happen much, ^^ see above definition ^^. I am all about Christmas this year!  It has nothing to do with buying presents, { I still am not a fan of shopping in general right now...oh and traffic. Don't forget the crazies out on the roads}!.  But I think for me it's a mixture of wanting to get it over with AND enjoy it still while downing gingerbread lattes and baking cookies. I do have some stuff that I love about Christmas...

OK. Confession: I just tried the Gingerbread latte from Starbs today and it's completely stellar. Total Christmas in a cup delish!  I foresee many more of these being purchased until the holidays are finished. :)

But yea, where was I.  Christmas, yes. I'm all about the baking, watching Christmas movies while keeping my couch warm, lights, and just all the cute decor that's literally EVERYWHERE now.  I get overwhelmed, but by trivial stuff. For example, the amazing looking candies in Target and CVS, I save wrapping/tissue papering/gift bagging until the week before, and I am always stumped on what to bring for Christmas dinner.

I'm most likely making this appetizer this year to bring to my Grand mom's and of course, cookies.  Minus the pretzels.  I think I'd like to try apple slices with it , Ritz crackers, and some kind of cookie wafer thing.

A blogger I follow on IG posted these a few days ago. I died. I MUST find them!  This is a good example of a 'need' and not a 'want' in life.

Here are a few past Christmas photos that I love.  All that pasta represents
my Italian side of the family.  The Christmas tree was from 2010. That was the only year we I went wayyyy overboard with presents.  Whoops.

There's part of a dog in this pic. Did you find it?

I've finished and mailed out all of my holiday cards and I have just the baking to do now.  I'm only a tad overwhelmed by that.  I just want them to all turn out lovely and tasty and well, almost perfect. :)  

I also want to have energy for it all.
Don't we all...

 We do Christmas Breakfast at my in laws every year. 

As you can see, I'm only sort of into Christmas. But I hope I clearly defined my "sort of" holiday spirit for you. ;)  I'm always half and half with this time of year.

What about you? What are your thoughts/opinions about the holiday season?

Do you do a holiday breakfast with the fam? 

What overwhelms you when you're in the store at holiday time?
 ...all the unique candy and treats!

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!



  1. Gingerbread Twix?!! What?! Didn't know those existed. I'll have to find them now too. My family and I always did a big, special Christmas breakfast before opening presents every year. Now that I'm married my hubby and I have carried on the tradition together. :)

    1. Aww that's great! Love that! Yes.. I plan on going to target on Friday. I will be on the hunt for those babies!!

  2. I -love- this time of the year, but I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I keep things pretty simple and don't go all crazy with presents, parties, and cooking. Christmas to me is about traditions, and family, and close friends… the fact that it's so commercialized drives me up the wall *stink eye*

    1. exactly! I like the way you think! ;)