December 2, 2013

Blogging DUH moments

Happy Monday!

I'm trying to remain positive even though another full week has taken the spotlight again.

If you're a blogger, have you ever experienced moments where it's just like, "well shit, that was dumb?"  These moments occur out of no where; at least through my experiences.  It's funny...later on.  In the moment, not so much. 


It's okay though. It's okay, it's okay.  I think the bizarre/funny mistakes that come along with blogging are great!  Here are a few that have happened to me:  Gird your loins, this is a tad long-winded.. HTML? I could have my husband help me, but he's got enough going on in his life right now. He also isn't a fan of 'teaching' the stuff. He just codes. That's it.  I really have no interest in learning this.  Maybe that's a bad move?  What are your thoughts with becoming more tech savvy when it comes to your blog?  I'm like 70/30...I suck.

- You just posted a great recipe.  Two weeks later you realize you never added it to your 'recipe page'.

- To some, the actual date that you type everything up and then post, may not even enter your mind.  To me, my content has to be published on the exact day. So for example, I might type everything on a Sunday night, but want it ready to go on Monday.  I think that's pretty much the norm for bloggers as we do "post line ups."  Maybe not though. Is that weird?

- Blog titles.  I see a lot of bloggers talking about how a blog title should grab the readers attention, be captivating and interesting. Well, DUH. But still, I feel your blog is your blog. So your title can be anything you want it to be.  Lately, I find myself in this style of writing where it's two-fold.  I'll share a recipe AND talk about the weekend, or something else that I simply want to talk about. I think titles like that with a + sign is kind of interesting because I'm expecting a good amount of content and a yummy recipe as well.

- We think too much as bloggers.This is a total DUH moment.  We are only human and at the end of the day, we blog. It's just a blog , though.  Why does it all have to be taken so seriously?  Sometimes I feel as if I'm handing in an essay for my final grade in a college course.

{I shudder at those memories}

Spelling errors will occur. Duh. That's why I utilize spell check.  And sometimes that doesn't even help.  But it's okay.  Making up new words are a terrific tool. ;)

-Sharing a great recipe and getting so caught up in it aka eating it all that photos are forgotten.  Then you go to post about it and cry.  And forget about all social media's as if the world has ended once you realize you didn't even post on any of those guys.  Meh.

 - Not commenting on other blogs.  I think we all go through dry spells of this, because we are human and also, no one is going to hunt us down and kill us if we don't leave a fellow blogger a comment. But I once went through almost an entire month without leaving comments and I will never do that again.  Commenting on other blogs , { being aware that it should be more than a one word comment and have some kind of effort involved}, can make your blog become more recognized by other bloggers.  It's pretty simple, but I feel this can't be stressed enough.  It's pretty important. Also, don't just comment to comment.  Make sure it's a topic that has you hooked and you can't not say something! 

- Freaking out because you didn't publish your post right in the morning before work.  Relax, DUH.  You will  be fine. Posting at 10am as opposed to 6am is certainly A-OK.  The Internets and your blog with still be intact.

- Comparing your blog to other, bigger and even better blogs.  You are who you are. You have your own life.  DUH. You can only do your best and see where that takes you.  I'm still learning this, as I'd love my blog to become popular but also impact/inspire readers. But I am in noway stressing over it. Bloggers have a life too ya know. ;)

-Publishing a 'special' post about someones birthday or a surprise for someone while completely forgetting about it and going ahead with clicking the publish button.  Now, they may not read regularly, but on that day, your blog would be the first thing they see. Surprise=ruined.   OMG...DUH! That actually might fall better into the category of 'shitting your pants.'

-Realizing you don't have to post  I think that's physically impossible and can be annoying. And, duh, that would get a bit boring over time.  Banana and yogurt and chicken wrap, oh my!

Has any of these things happened to you?  Please add some blogging 'DUH' moments that I may have missed!  Enjoy your Monday as best you can!


Random: I felt I should share this sweet, sweet read.  It's adorable.  I sent it to my husband to read. I know he'll get teary eyed. :)



  1. I loved this post!!! I feel this way all the time. Just yesterday my husband pointed out a typo in a post I posted 3 weeks ago and I had a "duh" moment. I also just had a coding mishap that prevented people from commenting on my blog for a few days. It happens. But you're so right that blogging should be about inspiring others and should be fun for you.

  2. I am not and never will be tech savvy, hence why my blog is ALWAYS under construction! When I make it big I'll hire someone ;) and as far as spell check goes- I swear mine doesn't work. EVER!