November 15, 2013

Grilling in November and My ABC's of Pregnancy

Hi Guys!

Is it really Friday?!  I thought this day would never come--phew!  What a long week!

 I had to use the fancy glass last night...

I mentioned to the hubs yesterday that we should do burger home.  He was working from home and said he'd stop to pick up a tomato, lettuce and some buns. Score!  I was in the mood for a juicy burger with some cheese and all the fixins'!  Luckily, around 6pm last night, the temperature outside had gone up by at least 20 degrees so it was not as frigid!  Stupid winter ahead!  

A few of our yummy dinner treats...

 Crackers n' cheese...

I made a quick and tasty pasta salad to go along with our burgers:

-About 2 cups of a spiral pasta/smaller shaped pasta
-A handful of spinach leaves
-cherry tomatoes, halved
-cheddar or mozzarella shredded cheese
-1/2 cup of lite Italian dressing
-olive oil

-Cook down the tomatoes and spinach in a little olive oil over medium-high heat for about 10 minutes.

Once pasta is cooked, drain and add in all ingredients to it. Mix well. Serve warm, but this is meant to be a cold-pasta salad.

It was quite tasty!

Do you grill in the colder months?  Or do you have an actual premeditated date/time that you clean up the grill and close it for the winter? 

What are some of your 'must-have' burger condiments?  That reminds me...I miss freaking summer!

I decided to have a little fun with some letters and a notepad at work the other day. Mainly because at the time, watching my eyebrows grow seemed more fun.  So instead of ranting off my feelings/opinions/complaints/silliness to you about my experience thus far in my pregnancy, I give you an honest portrayal of my ABC's of pregnancy. A fun acronym if you will.

Aww shit. I Have to pee again.
Brain. Pregnancy brain that is.
Cravings. They are wacky. But very, very real.
Dead tired by 10pm now.
Eagerly awaiting this little nugget.
Fruit is still very prominent as one of my cravings.
Gaining weight.  It's going to happen.
Heartburn= the Devil.
Ice cream is something I hardly crave. WTF?
Juice. Cranberry juice. In love with it.
Kicks are an amazing feeling.
Loving this time in my life.
Maternity pants. The end.
Nipples. They are going to hurt you. Your nipples particularly.
Opinions. Keep them to yourself.
Parking spaces just might possibly suck once I'm large enough.
Quiet time. It's the best right now, along with a good book.
Rest as much as possible.
Sandals. I miss them.
Thongs are gone.  LONG GONE.
Unique time. Enjoy it!
Vacation. I'm sure we won't see that for at least a year.  And I'm fine with that.
Walking . I walk a lot.
Xercise. <--- it was either that still spelled incorrectly, or xylophone.
Yogurt. I'm obsessed with it right now.

Zippers. I'm not fond of them.

I totally agree with the famous statement, "pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions."  It's such an awesome and different experience though...for sure.

This shit is as real as it gets.

Hope your Friday is a great one!


  1. Dana you crack me up!! Love the ABC's of Prego!!! Still laughing. I love that pasta salad, it looks great!! I'll have to try that. I like red onions on my burger, along with the usual, tomato, lettuce and chees. Love the new look of the pics you posted. Have a great day, and YES it's finally Friday. Love ya Mom

  2. Tired by 10pm??! Girl, I'm tired by 7pm ;) Haha!

    1. lol...well...*certain* nights. Other nights, I feel ya 7pm. :)

  3. HA!!! I feel like I should have noted that as a disclaimer..."if you do not want children right now...the following is probably a wonderful birth control tool" :)

  4. I somehow found myself back at this entry and for the first time, read your ABCs of pregnancy. My favorite = xercise, or xylophone hahaha :-) a funny but real list!! - lauren