October 22, 2013

Halloween and Fudgy Brownies

Halloween...already?  You would have thought it was Christmas time with all of the stores  filled to the brim with holiday decor!  Let's get past the holiday of free candy and horror movies people...come on now.

I love this porch by the way!  I only really hardcore decorate for Christmas but if I went all out for Fall, I'd do something like this.

Halloween...Do you love it or hate it? We don't really do much for the holiday. I now much prefer eating all the candy we buy handing out candy to little ones and cuddling up on the couch watching Micheal Myers.  Confession: Classic horror films are my fav! We used to just go to a few parties between our jobs and friend's having them.  Here are a couple pictures of our my costumes over the years. Gary isn't a fan of dressing up. Boo.

                                       Could I be a blonde?  This wig was fun.

                                                       Halloween pie. 

Speaking of desserts...

I think on Halloween, you should make yourself a pan of these babies. These will only be for you and not the trick or treaters, mmmk?

This box mix is probably the best I've had yet.  Seriously.  

I was craving gooey, fudgy chocolate. And then I found this box in my pantry!  Score!

I added peanut butter to them. That was the only change.  Because, why not?

The recipe you ask?

Pick up a box of this brownie mix, make as directed, add melted peanut butter if you'd like, pour on top of the batter and swirl it around. Bake as directed. Cool. Top with fudge. Devour.  Simple and perfect.

Don't skip the milk. You'll need it.

I still do love the idea of dressing up. But I'm actually more excited to dress up my kid in whatever I want...for a little while at least. :)

Favorite horror flick? What's your all time favorite treat?

-Halloween { all of them}
-Milky Way-preferably straight from the freezer.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jen! They were pretty much the best boxed brownies I've had to date. The gooey fudge is SO much better than topping them with canned frosting. :)

  2. cute costumes! I have never tried those brownies, but have heard from a few people they are the best! I love adding peanut butter to brownies! yes! so fun when you still have control over what the kiddos dress up as for Halloween!