August 19, 2013


Happy Monday!  

Or is it?  I felt like calling in sick this morning. That's normally every morning. Okay, most mornings.  This week is my last full week until next week, which is just three days and then I come back the day after Labor Day. Gary and I will be road tripping it to Boston for four days!  I can't wait to get away a little and visit a new city. I was there back in 2005 but very briefly passing through. We will be real tourists this time around; sunglasses and hats and cameras and all!  We're not scared. I thought I'd just pop in quickly and say hello and get caught up together. I do hope you have a large cup of coffee in hand. It is Monday after all. 

I really dislike posts with no pictures. Pictures always seem to make things more interesting!  So I apologize for not having any in this post, but the weekend was full of fun & yummy things, and tiredness; too. Blogging was kind of the last thing on my mind; even though I think about it tons. Saturday we were up crazy early and we don't know why. My husband was up since 5:30, but it's partially due to the fact that he gets up that early most days to head into work and beat traffic.  I can't even blame Sammy this time.  I was up around 6ish, and then thankfully, I just lay there hoping I could fall back asleep and I did!  Sammy even slept next to me most of the time and let me catch some Z's!  It was glorious.

I finally got up around 9:30 and got ready to meet my sister-in-law and her Grand mom to get our nails done at a nearby salon. It was fun and my nails were definitely in need of some TLC.  Afterward, I stopped at Trader Joe's and bought a good amount of yummy things. From fruit to peach salsa and blue corn chips, to mint chocolate chip ice cream and cereal bars.  I splurged a tad but it's so cheap that you know you're not being 'bad.'  Snacks do come in handy whilst prego! ;)

Later that day, Gary and I helped a friend out with her car and dropped it off at the Atlantic City Airport because her flight wouldn't get in until midnight. Her car had work done to it the week she was away near our house so we babysat her car. We totally would have picked her up but we had to get up decently early the next day (we had to be at a baptism at 9:30 and I was in bed until 8:50).  Thank God for nearby places! All went fine with the car and we decided to indulge in a nice dinner at the Borgata Casino since we were already in the area. And boy did I ever indulge.  I took my time and savored every single bite and flavor of my melts-like-butter-in-your-mouth 10 oz. filet Mignon, garlic mashers, and asparagus hollandaise. Heaven. Complete heaven.  This restaurant, The Old Homestead, is a pretty swanky place. I decided to leave my camera in my bag and just enjoy this delectable meal. 

I think I have mentioned before that my husband is a much more simplistic guy.  He's not a fan of steak sauces or any sauces for that matter.  He says "steak sauce ruins the natural flavor of the meat". So he simply indulged in his 18 oz filet and a few scoops of the mashers. You read right! 18 oz. of amazing meat and he doesn't care for asparagus; all for me!  I mean, I 50% agree with him. But I've always been a sauce girl. And these particular filet's always come with a silky and delicious Bearnaise sauce for dipping. I was all over that. You have to check out the Old Homestead at least once. It's too good not to.

Our friend's baptism was a really nice time and it was nice catching up with other friends and family whom we haven't seen in a while.  It was also nice that the news was out and about. A lot of our friends are parents now and a good portion of the discussion was baby talk, but I didn't mind. I'm wonderfully knocked up now and all ears! The food was catered by this awesome Italian restaurant that's been in our hometown of Marlton for many years and a good amount of our close friends and family have always gotten their food for special events from there. Everything is always SO delish!  We now live about twenty minutes from the restaurant but here and there will go for dinner because it's that good! 

Since the baptism was a morning thing, the food was a beautiful brunch spread. I indulged in a few garlic knots { the best garlic knots ever}!, penne pasta in a delectable cream sauce, a tasty fruit salad, one mini bagel with cream cheese, an incredible cheese and blueberry danish, {drool}, and a very tasty potato and cheese casserole thing that one of the cute grandmother's made. Me, my stomach and baby were very satisfied. When we got home, we were so tired from the day and did the smart thing and took naps!  I only slept a good hour and Gary slept about two hours. punk.  Though, I did feel better after that 'power' nap. We watched movies and relaxed the rest of the evening.  I love Sundays like that. 

I know I just described some yummy sounding food. If I made you hungry again or you're drooling at your desk, my apologies. I'd like to hear about your weekend!  Did you eat yummy things like me?  Go anywhere cool/special?  My stomach currently feels hungry again {shocker} and I'm feeling a tad nauseous, so I better go grab something to eat. 

Before I leave you, Here is a recipe I thought I'd share that I've been making for the past two years. I hope to make this tonight or tomorrow because it's delicious, it's a perfect Fall/comforting meal and it makes wonderful leftovers!  Make it soon and let me know what you think!

Turkey Chili
Here are the changes I make to it. You can compare the two but still use the ingredients you like:

-I don't use coriander or oregano. I put a dash of cinnamon in. Just trust me on this.
- I leave out the green Chile peppers
- I leave out the zucchini
- I would normally add kidney beans but the husband despises beans. Go figure.  This is a very hearty chili and with or without beans, it's wonderful.


I'm glad we caught up!  I hope your Monday is good to you!


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  1. Thanks again for taking care of my car!!! :-) Glad you had a nice time at the baptism. I feel so far away from you right now. We need a girls night!