August 21, 2013

An off morning and people

While I was walking to work today, at some point during my eight- block trek, I’m not sure where she came from, but this woman sort of snuck up on me. Not in a creepy, I’m going to scare the living day lights out of you, ‘sneak-up’, but I just honestly am not sure where she came from. Just as my parents taught me to look both ways before crossing the street and to always be aware of my surroundings; that stuck with me to this day. I still do that. I’m alone, in a large city, walking. You kind of should do those things. So I definitely never saw her. Anyway, this woman was a bit older, probably mid-50s, and I guess she was smitten with my perfume or just needed a hug and didn’t tell me. Clearly, I was not aware of her at all until she was too close to me. That’s when I finally even noticed another human being walking along side of me.  I saw her and simply moved over to the other side.  Walnut Street has fairly large sidewalks; I’m just sayin’.  As we were approaching the intersection, she legit walked into me and hit me with her hard bag.

Rittenhouse Square

I know you don’t know me too well, and I’m talking about on a deep, inner core level. And the same goes for me. You could be this amazing, all around great person, but have a freaky collection of amphibians in your bedroom. {Name that T.V. show/episode}. ;)  All I can say is we are human,  we are who we are and we do what feels best and right for us. That being said, I tend to swear a good amount.  I do it, however, when necessary. I don’t have an uncontrollable need to just shout the F-bomb in random places. But again, when necessary, I feel cursing gets my point across A LOT better than not. As this lady legit walked into me, coming off the entire time as if “I don’t know how to walk,” {she didn’t say that, but that’s how she acted}, I then shouted, “Jesus Christ!”  I wanted to say, “WTF”, but what came out came out. I was irked by her and couldn’t believe that. I of course walked a different route now, and as soon as I yelled that, she said “Yeahhhh, I agree”.  I then said a few other choice words under my breath but just shook my head in amazement and said, “Watch where you walk!”  I mean , come on. When my hair is down, you can’t miss me.  It’s huge!

Walnut Street

The best little moment after all was said and done?  I didn’t happen to see the guy who passed me because I walk pretty fast, plus I was hot and bothered at that moment.  But he made a cute chuckle sound after I said, “Watch where you walk!”  I don’t even care if he was laughing at or with me.  It made me smile.  I then enjoyed a hot cup of apple-cider tea and my morning was immediately lifted.  People still and will always amaze me. I mean after all, I was just walking on a sidewalk to work, minding my own business. I always choose to be happy, but life is going to be life sometimes and so are people. I felt I said what had to be said and that was that. Was I irked? Of course!  I'm not a fan of unnecessary a-holes and douche bags in my life. I try my hardest not to surround myself with them but if I have to be around them, I will.  But that doesn't mean I'm going to offer neck massages or bake them cupcakes.

I'll admit it. I can totally be a bitch sometimes. I'm not bitchy for no reason or towards people. It's only when necessary or when I'm hot and bothered.  That pretty much does make sense I think.

What about you?

Today is a little off in general. I'm feeling pretty good but feel as though I am starving. This morning consisted of a Luna bar, two cups of hot apple-cider tea {decaffeinated}, a Trader Joe's strawberry cereal bar, spicy black bean and chicken chili, and water. But it's such an odd feeling today. I want chocolate galore. All things chocolate!  I have a bizarre sweet tooth today. It's crazy to me because I haven't been in the mood for chocolate in about six weeks.  So far I've just had a couple bite-size Kit-Kats and a caramel filled, dark chocolate Ghiradelli square. Of course I'm going with it, but I don't need to get sick or fall into coco-coma. 

Blueberry Bliss Luna Bar. Amaze-Balls.

Tonight we have a Dr. appointment for little bean. I'm hoping we can see he or she again! And then it's either frozen pizza night or stopping someplace yummy.  The appointment is at 6:50pm. Of course I'll be famished afterward. What a strange appointment time, right?

P.S.  I miss this. A good amount.

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