August 13, 2013

I've Indulged

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, everything changed.  Don’t worry, we didn’t become crazies and purchase a bigger home or purchase a boat just because.  What am I saying?  I found at almost 5 weeks and it was so beyond surreal that really nothing too drastic changed at all.  It still feels so surreal. Maybe that’s because I hardly have any baby bump yet and just look like I gained weight and eat a lot more food, every two hours. I would always have a food baby after a good sized meal. I hope to not use that excuse much longer.

Things did change in my world of food, though. Like, a lot. A part of me can’t even believe the foods I’m about to share with you. I don’t think anything gets as real as knowing that you’re growing a human. Apparently fats are healthy for a growing fetus and can support good brain function. Well, these past three months didn’t always involve the best fats on my part, but I craved what I craved and was not going to deprive myself.

Below are just some of the foods I indulged in. Some are totally yummy AND healthy. No worries, I have not been over eating or “eating for two.” And I don’t plan on doing that. I also ate everything below in moderation. Some were once a week, others were once every two weeks. Oh boy…please still like me.

-Burger King: The Original Chicken Sandwich, Fries, Dr. Pepper. Size: Large

-Wendy’s: Chicken Nuggets, 10 piece. BBQ sauce, Large Fry
-Chic-fil-a: Grilled Chicken Sandwich; waffle fries, pink lemonade

-Friendly’s: Turkey BLT Melt; sometimes a happy ending sundae, Reese’s pieces style

-Bagels with extra cream cheese; preferably Einstein Bagels and their Onion and Chive Smear. So Good

-Soft Pretzels with mustard

-Peanut butter & Jam on whole wheat bread. Also just peanut butter toast

-Peanut butter and strawberry/ blackberry jam/ and/or margarine on toasted English muffins

-Peaches galore.  Oh, Juicy peaches…how I adore thee.  {I eat at least 2 peaches a day. They were more satisfying and refreshing to me than ice cream, for a little while anyway}

-Coco Puffs/Cinnamon Toast Crunch/Lucky Charms cereals

-String cheese. Lots of string cheese

-Pasta & Raman noodles. Man are those things delicious. I think I craved the chicken noodle broth more, but I’ll stick with the pasta craving.
-Oreos dunked in milk. Yum!

-Cheeze-itz. I forgot how good they are!!


Mexican Take-out

That’s pretty much been my diet since mid June.  It’s been a tasty ride so far, but utterly annoying at the same time. I will feel satisfied and full for about two hours after a decent sized meal. About two hours later I feel famished!  It’s fine when I know what I want to eat, but when I don’t, I feel like I just want to throw a three year old's fit on the kitchen floor. Pregnant, starving, tired, and worried about eating something else that has decent sustenance, but worried about becoming sick is not fun.  If I’ve been “uncomfortable” at all, it’s been because of the above scenario. I have, however, noticed in the past two weeks how much better I’ve gotten with food and pretty much nothing makes me cringe or want to cry now.

London Broil.

Red peppers, carrots, and asparagus I cannot wait to devour!  I have been eating a good amount of fruit but do need to up my veggie intake. I hope this longing for something I once despised as a child doesn’t vanish so quickly!  I’m loving this veggie craving way more than Burger King now. It’s a good thing I think!  And the kicker is when I now think about fast food, I cringe. And I almost feel like crying. Almost.  I’m not going to play games with you.  Eating the way I did these past couple of months was delicious!  It did the job and so much more. I felt like I was skipping school for a day; worried but really had no care at that particular moment.  In a weird way, it was pretty awesome.

From here on out until I meet this little bean, I feel it can only get better. My love for certain vegetables is back, the second trimester rocks according to the baby books, apps, and people aka just women, and I hope to try a prenatal yoga class soon!  Also, my favorite season is just around the corner, and my plan is to cook us yummy comforting meals and make and freeze a good amount, too.  I know that will come in handy once the baby arrives.

One of my favorite meals to make and freeze is meatballs and sauce. It’s a wonderful staple to have if you ask me! I'd give these a whirl if I were you.

Homemade Meatballs
(normally makes between 15-19 meatballs)

1 1/2 container of meatloaf mix
2 eggs
fresh or dried parsley
garlic powder
Italian breadcrumbs
1/2 cup or a touch more of grated Parmesan Cheese

The sauce is just two large Ragu Traditional bottles, and a 1/2 cup of red wine. It's simple and a really tasty sauce, according to my husband.  I haven't had the time or urge or patience to make sauce from scratch just yet. One day I'm sure.  I know that will not be happening during the time I am with child.  Too taxing it seems?   Maybe.

Happy Eating!


  1. Awesome, I'm full just reading this!!! LOL - I'm so glad you're coming to feel yourself again. It's not fun being sick. Ugh. Good read. Love ya Mom

  2. Love it!!!!! Indulge!!!!!!! Sorry u weren't feeling well, Ugg, I was so sick with both of mine. Hang in there. XOXO awesome blog :) Jill