June 5, 2013

Your Perfect 24 Hours

Happy Hump Day, friends!!

I thought it would be neat , wait a minute; neat?  Really?  What am I, 60?  No offense , mom. ;)   I thought it would be FUN and pretty fantastic to discuss what your perfect 24 hours would be!  I found this great topic and tons more on Kaitlyn's Blog and it came at a great time!  I wasn't necessarily encountering writer's block , but I was definitely having a moment of , "what the hell should I write about today."  It happens from time to time, I'm sure you can relate. I haven't made a really great dish in a while, so no new recipes today. But I wanted to still just write! I personally feel I am loving writing more and more each day and am slightly, s l i g h t l y getting better at it.

So!  Your perfect 24 hours!  What would you do?  Where would you go? Who { if anyone} would you be with?  What would you eat?  What would you drink?  What would you completely indulge in?  And please, share anything else you'd require for your PERFECT 24 hours!  Mine?  Hmmmm...this my friends, I feel, is not an easy topic, but it's certainly fun!

Gird your loins,  as this is lengthy...

I think my perfect 24 hours would go as follows:  Sleep in until at least 10am. workout I know...why get all huffy and puffy and red in the face if I could easily choose NOT to workout THIS day!  Well, you see, I would have this particular workout be PERFECT. No workout is ever 100% perfect. :)  It would be the perfect balance of a great cardio session, strength training and enough energy for some Bikram so I could feel crazy tired and want to hop in front of a bus amazing and finally begin my perfect day! 

I'd then take an incredible hot shower and NOT knick myself with my razor, get dressed in adorable and stylish clothing, my hair stylist would be in the next room waiting to straighten my hair and my makeup artist would be ready to apply makeup on my perfect, non-reddish toned  and oily T-zone skin.  This is all only because on most days, there is 0 time to straighten my hair unless I do it the night before, and makeup is only applied on weekends and that's IF I am going somewhere. Okay, maybe 1-2 times a week for work but again, RARE.  I want to make it clear that in REAL life, no one and nothing is perfect. I never go overboard with 'putting myself down', but yes, I do wish I had better skin. Remember, we are all in fantasy land when it comes to this post.  I love who I am inside and out, so no need to worry about me having self esteem issues and the like.  Thanks in advance!

I'd then indulge in my most favorite, calorie-ridden breakfast. Eggs Benedict! I rarely ever eat this, so indulgence here I come!  Coffee of course, and a couple chocolate chip muffins. That just sounds so lovely to me!  I'd then go shopping. I'm sure that was to be expected since I am a girl and all. :)  But it's also because more recently if I do "shop," 95% of the time it truly is for what we NEED!  No, I'm not messin' with you or yankin' your chain.  For reals.  Honestly?  I despise all kinds of shopping anymore; even...wait for it. FOOD shopping!  Ugh.  I don't know what it is. I dread going out to stores now. It's like, my new thing.  Maybe it's a 30 { almost 31} , I'm old thing?  Who knows.   Unless I NEED new shoes or a new practical purse or a brand new spatula, I'm really not just entering stores for no reason.  Target is its very own fabulous nightmare.

I allow you to hate me now. You may click away...

I'd at least let myself browse certain stores I adore still like Target, Home goods and DSW. Forget the Rodeo Drive-type shops.  They never have, never will interest me. We have certainly established that I am indeed NUTS! And after that 1 hour spent doing that, it would be an absolute, picture-perfect day of course, with the sun shining and be it 75 degrees, I'd take my brand new car with windows down of course, for a day drive and it would be amazing.  I'm not sure where I'd drive to, but I don't think it would matter since there would be zero cars on the road, except me. :) There would be a Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel STORE opened for business just for...you guessed it...me!  You want to talk perfect?  Try heaven!  I'd browse the aisles of chocolaty-Carmely <---{that's a word now , folks}!   goodness and indulge in heavenly bites until it would be time for a coffee break. Yes, that chocolate store would be where I "eat lunch."  Chocolate for lunch?  Sure!   I wouldn't really need more caffeine after all of that chocolate, but I would have to fit in coffee somewhere for my perfect 24 hours!  Preferably Dunkin' coffee- French Vanilla iced with skim.

You know who would be my coffee date and with whom I'd totally have a 2-hour long coffee talk with?  Jennifer Aniston!  I just love her and she seems so down to earth and just so real.  I know we would get along!  ::psycho talk::  But really, I would love to meet her!  I'd turn red and probably die if I saw her in person but it's a perfect day, so that would not occur. I mean, we'd already be BFFs. Hmmm, that seems like another cute topic for the blog to discuss.  If you could meet for coffee with any celeb/hero/mentor , who would it be?   After my coffee break with Jen, I'd be on my way for a 1-hour full body massage and then a facial.  I am in desperate need of both of those.  My birthday is in four months, just an fyi. Let's also just throw in a Mani and Pedi while we're at it!  I have all the time in the world!

  After leaving the spa feeling refreshed and relaxed and incredible and knowing that I have done so much on this perfect day so far and there was so much time still; I would actually go home to a spotless  house, yes, I hired a maid for that day, too!  How the hell do I do it all!!?  I'd actually sit out on my patio and blog for a little bit and catch up on my favorite blogs as well.  I'd do it because it's a part of me now and I just love it.  Blogging isn't work to me, it's creative, fun and it's my time!  Love that!  I enjoy it so why not involve that even in my perfect 24 hours! 

After blogging, I'd take THE BEST NAP EVER; about 2 hours, and wake up full of energy!  We all know that never happens....It would be dinner time now and I'd only want to spend it with my hubby at our favorite steakhouse  and indulge in the best filet ever, baked mac & cheese, garlic mash, most likely 1-2 bottles of a stunning Merlot or Malbec and have a spectacular evening together!  Oh and of course we'd split some kind of dessert. :)  That's a perfect night to me and everything described above really would be my PERFECT 24 hours! 

What would be yours?!  Link up to this and join in on the fun on your blog and share away!

Thanks for readin' !


  1. That sounds like a perfect day to me! I would choose something similar minus the steakhouse! ;)

  2. Haha, ahahahahah "Gird your loins" - I am pretty sure my neighbors heard me laughing because you seriously crack. me. up! Oh man, I wish I could have my perfect day every day... And I'm with ya. I hate shopping now. I don't know what it is but I avoid it at all costs, except for online shopping - that I love ;)

    1. ha!! thanks, Becky! So glad someone finds me funny. :)