June 6, 2013

Steak Tacos with Cilantro-Honey Lime Sauce

Hello Hello!

Tomorrow is Friday....Hells yes, people!

Tonight's dinner was incredibly yum, even though it made me so full and now I have a food baby. Can you say , uncomfortable? I don't mind.  I was starving and for some reason thought of making a more 'unique' taco dinner tonight. I know in no way does it compare to a Martha Stewart dinner, but I feel I did a good job considering I was shaking when I got home because I was so hungry, exhausted from the work day, and startled, as some dumb biz natch almost drove into me and my new car!  A glass of wine was in my hand in a matter of 3 minutes; I don't kid.

Okay wow. Sorry. That was a really long fragment!  Back to dinner and this amazing sauce.  I knew I had some cilantro in the fridge and wanted to do something different with it instead of using it as a garnish, like I always do.  I made this sauce recipe off the cuff and I gotta say, holy yum!!  It's sweet and just a touch spicy from the jalapeno that's in there.  You're gonna love it! 

Pour it over your steak or use it as a dip. Or make up a brand new taco with just rice and cheese and smother the whole damn thing like so:

And she was, unto them, absolutely scrumptious.

Just a little yummy tip; I tend to pick a few of these rice packages up when food shopping. They are good, cheap, last long, and come in handy, like for tonight's meal.

My mom's 1989 dishware always comes in handy!  Thanks , mom!  :)

These tacos were so moist and flavorful and the added flavor of the grilled steak and onion really rocks your taste buds!  Use a griddle or your normal outdoor grill. It was blowing up like crazy balls outside when I got home and we're supposed to get rain tonight and all day Friday.  Thanks to whomever purchased my griddle pan for my shower!  Grilling can really make a difference sometimes in the foods you cook!

I don't think we liked it...

Ohhh, right. You wanted the sauce recipe!  My bad. Here ya go!

Cilantro-Honey Lime Sauce

{I measured nothing. Just winged it}. :)

-1 small jalapeno, seeded
-OK-1 thing. About two TBSP olive oil
-dash salt
-dash black pepper
-dash garlic powder
-touch of water to get things moving

-Use a blender or food processor and blend until all is combined well.  Chill in fridge until serving.

*For the steak, I just pick up sirloin/fajita strips. They're really handy and cook up fast!

Enjoy and have a wonderful Friday!

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