June 4, 2013

The Ugliest Cookie Ever

Hi and welcome to Tuesday!

Aren't these cookies hideous?

I know, right?  Why would I show you an ugly cookie with ugly photos?  Well friends, these cookies may be fugly but they sure are tasty! I wanted chocolate last night and Gary mentioned making brownies but I didn't want just plain old boring brownies.  Then I randomly thought about marshmallows with chocolate. I love that combo.  And so, a box of brownie mix, 2 eggs, 1/4 cup flour,  1/4 cup veggie oil, 3 Tablespoons of water and some tasty fluff later, and these cookies were baked and munched on.

They sort of reminded me of the fresh mozzarella on a  Margarita pie. Yum, that sounds really good right about now. Do you concur? But they were still very moist, chewy and the marshmallow fluff flavor was soft and really came through.  Just bake at 350 degrees for 9 minutes and watch them flatten and your heart sink a little turn out ugly but wonderful.

*See recipe noted above. Yep. That would be it!*

I hope you'll also enjoy the ugliest cookie ever! :)

When I got home last night I was beat, but I had two things on my mind. Make some dinner and vacuum the house.  I was going to go for a run because it rained all day and it helped to cool the temps down a bit.  It was nice and breezy outside.  But I was just too tired from the work day.  I cooked a healthy version of "beef stroganoff" and then hopefully burned a few calories from vacuuming the entire house; up and down. It needed a good vacuuming and I am just sick that way. I could not wait to get it cleaned! Crazy lady over here, ya'll!!

I always buy 2-4 packages of sirloin strips when I food shop. They are so easy to cook up even when frozen and I like pondering about what to make for dinner with them.  Dinner was yummy! Add any veggie you like.

I will now leave you with this wonderful quote! 

I hope you have an amazing Tuesday and maybe make an ugly cookie. Why not, ya know? It may be ugly, but it will not disappoint!

What did you do on your Monday? 

Do you ever clean  and still get huffy and puffy and sweaty around the house in place of a workout?

What's the ugliest thing you ever made that turned out delicious?


  1. I make ugly things all the time. I attempted to make some "Twix Rice Krispies" but it totally failed. My kids and husband had no problem devouring them though. Still working on the recipe... one day! I bet those cookies were tasty too. I love chocolate and marshmallow combos. My husband bought some S'mores Ice Cream from the store and I have been enjoying it every night! YUM!

    1. S'mores Ice Cream!?!! I just died.

  2. That sounds like a great idea! It's what's on the inside that counts ;)