June 11, 2013

Sweet and Savory: A Little Like Life

I feel when it comes to sweet and savory flavors, life gets a little bit better.  The clouds part when these flavors hit my tongue.  It's amazing. I made this fruit flat/tart/ bread thing on a whim on Saturday and I can't believe how delicious it was, and pretty.

This past weekend was definitely one of those weekends where I ate more than normal and we really didn't have much going on, either.  My appetite was just insatiable and I guess my stomach was pissed at me for only giving it hummus and veggies most of last week.  I'd be pissed too.  A girl needs real, normal food sometimes! 

Some of the "bad" / high calorie food I devoured this past weekend:

- vanilla frosting out of a can
- 3 slices of pizza
- pasta
- meatballs{ 4 small ones }
- a few beers
- Sangria
- a couple mint chocolates
- more of this flat bread thing
- Chinese food
- These puppies   *note*  I didn't actually devour puppies.

I don't regret any of that yummy stuff above, not at all.  Ya only live once, remember that. :)

Since I adore food, I sometimes compare it to life in general.  Do you do this?  The obvious comparison can be that sometimes life is sweet and other times it can be bitter. Or simply, eating an incredible tasting meal and the experience was awesome!  And other times the experience is so unbelievably awful and the food was just plain horrid!  And when it comes to food and life, you really do have to savor them.  Unless I am beyond starving, 95% of the time I like to take my time and savor everysinglebite and just relish it.  With each day, I try my best to do the same with life. It can be hard certain days, because everyone and their mom has a shit ton going on in their lives, and life doesn't always give a shit about the shit you've got going on.  That's a lot of shits for one sentence, sorry. 

So anyhoo, I thought I'd share my Monday with you. (yesterday). And maybe even get a little deep into the thoughts of Dana.  Just a little. I'm certainly not trying to become Dana Downer or anything.

As you know, I like lists. So here goes my Monday in the order of things and their occurrence:

1. Almost slipped and fell getting out of shower. Head definitely would have been hurt, and/or other body parts.
2. Train was a good 15 minutes late. And extra. slow.
3. Purchased new wedge heels on Saturday and they were so comfortable and cute in the store! Mind you, I did walk 8 blocks in them to work, but I've done that with other truly comfortable heels and my feet did not bleed nor hurt.
4. Bloody blisters and heels/tissues and band-aids galore for the remainder of day.
5. Cussed out shoes.
6. Took an earlier lunch break to buy cheap flip flops to wear rest of the day. They were hot pink and $5. Silver lining!
7. It down poured when I went out to buy the flip flops.  That was a really fun 5 block walk.
8. Got hummus on my pants. Pants that smell like roasted garlic=not cool.
9. The "regular annoying work people" were more annoying. Like, X 1,000 yesterday. Wanted to throw highlighters at their heads and run out screaming at the world.
10. Felt like I had to cry every ten minutes and Aunt Flo is not even close to visiting yet.
11. Was very un-productive all day.
12. Tired and was not in the mood to do my work at all and did it very slowly.
13. The walk home...it still poured.
14. Got home and sat on the couch and stayed there until 11pm-ish.
15. Watched reality t.v. and loved every.second.of.it.
16. Ate diner take-out; housed a chicken salad club. It was all amazing.
17. Cried because I had another huge food baby after that.
18. Fell asleep reading blogs.
19. Woke up at 1am with the t.v. on and had trouble going back to sleep until 3ish.
20. This morning was better, except the coffee lid to my cup didn't fit correctly and eventually blew off from a crazy gust of wind that punched us in the face. That was a fun walk for another 3 blocks with piping hot coffee and no lid.

 Monday sure did blow. Today is a bit better.  It's what you make of it, right?  We all have our moments of wanting to kill someone or something. I feel I've been a lot better up until this week. Not sure what's come over me.  I'm still trying my best to go with the flow of each day and savor every moment.

And don't forget to make this amazing fruit thing above!  You'll die!  { you won't actually die, but it sure is scrumptious}!

Fruit Flat bread/Tart/Thing


-1 tube of Pillsbury Pizza Crust
-1/2 carton of fresh blackberries, squish with hands and spread on half of the crust
-1/2 carton of fresh raspberries, " "

-brown sugar
-smoked Gouda
-plain cream cheese
-1 apple, cut in thin enough slices, any apple you prefer ( I used a Gala apple).
- zest and juice of 1 lemon
-cooking spray


-Spray a dark baking sheet pan with cooking spray.
-Spread all ingredients over crust as evenly as possible.

-Bake on a sheet pan at 400 degrees for 15 minutes/ golden brown.  It's seriously a party in your mouth of flavors!

OK guys!  Please share your feelings/thoughts about this life stuff.

How was YOUR Monday?


  1. Omg, that is absolutely gorgeous! Ahh, but I totally get the "feel like you're going to cry every 10 seconds" thing. I have days where I just cry for NO reason at all. Or, for just a really stupid reason. And also... YES to all reality TV. The best :).

  2. The flatbread sounds great! And I've been known to eat icing straight out of a can on more than one occasion (Nutella, too)!
    That doesn't sound like a very good Monday. But, I like that you saw the silver lining in the $5 flip flops!
    I've been super tired lately and feel like crying often when I normally never do!

    1. Thanks, Abby! Nutella with a spoon is incredible!!!

  3. I love the name you chose for this recipe, lol. It looks really good! And pizza is a serving a veggies, didn't you know? It's not always unhealthy. ;)

    1. Thanks! I'm going to use the pizza/veggie excuse more often now. ;)

  4. I have my days where I eat frosting with a spoon too. It happens!