June 13, 2013

A Slew of Instagram Photos

What a terrible title.  Forgive me.

Happy Thursday!!

Is it me or has this week been silly slow?  Ugh.  I'm off on Friday, thank god!  I'll get to that in a second. But I sure am glad to see Thursday!


You guys know I'm pretty psycho when it comes to Instagram. And I just adore the way that Jenna puts her photos together; but I felt really weird using her title too, which is called Insta-Lately. Cute, right?  I have posted photos called Insta-Bored...but I'm not bored today, so I figured that wouldn't make sense and I'd just be lying to you. Not cool. But I still wanted to post a slew of Instagram photos.  So, I did! :)

Dinner last night was this awesome dish:

Scrambled eggs ala husband. Please note I have no clue what 'ala' means.  To me, it made sense to add that in this sentence and it sounded 'flowy.' If that's even a word. I think it just might be.  It also made me think of the classic dish, Chicken Ala King. Kind of like that French word ,moi which means 'me'. I knew that, though!   

The hubby's eggs rock! I mean, I feel I make decent eggs, but his scrambled eggs in particular always seem to turn out fluffier than mine.  What's up with that? Do the eggs just like him better than me? Did my husband pick up booze for the underage eggs and not tell me and now he's considered cool? What did he do that was so special? Just kidding babe; you rock....And that makes no sense either I'm sure, because why would eggs be underage? They can be undercooked, right?  It's been a long week and I'm sorry for the complete and utter randomness that is my brain today.

Whatever happened, they were delish and hit the spot! We also had some chips and salsa earlier in the evening which was yum!

I now want to share some Instagram pics with you.  Enjoy!

"Dessert" aka dark chocolate almond milk/DD turkey sausage and egg on English muffin/ chocolate and peanut butter puffins/ "drowned-rat" Sammy/ Vanilla frosting with a spoon/ crazy bun-workout time/ Wawa coffee/ target run/ Berry Sangria/ Red pepper strips with roasted garlic hummus/ Pretzel snack break/ Gala apple/ Dijon Mustard with pretzel stick/ My lovely ladies/ Purse cleaning/ Caramel Nut Brownie Luna Bar/ Cheese quesadilla/ my parents' 35 years together/ Pomegranate, blueberry and banana with fat-free yogurt smoothie/ Blueberry Bliss Luna Bar/ "hard at work"- note taking/ A random pic I texted to my husband. I'm still lol'ing/ Bike ride time!

Do you have any plans this weekend? 

This Saturday my cousin is getting married! I am her Matron of Honor! It should be a wonderful day and I'm looking forward to getting dolled up a little more than usual this time around!  I'm using Friday to meet up with my cousin and her mom in North Jersey for a Mani and Pedi that morning { lord knows I'm in desperate need of both...I have never purposely kept my nails this nasty and this UN-done for so long }!!  The rehearsal dinner is at P.F. Changs!  I'm clearly ecstatic! We rarely go there, but I really do love it!  You can see some of the yumminess here. My plan is to take a good amount of pics that day!  Follow Me. But it's a wedding, so I know we will be busy enough!  There should be a recap come Monday. 

We don't have any plans for Father's Day just yet, but I wanted to do a brunch that morning.  That's the day after the wedding.  Therefore, it's most likely someone will be hungover. We shall see. My in laws usually do small dinners for holidays like this so I'm thinking we may have dinner there. If not, I am totally bumming it and staying on the couch all day watching movies.

Have a great Thursday!  Love you, mean it.


  1. Great pics! Sometimes I wear my hair like yours in that one photo, and I call it a fun bun!

    1. ha! I like fun bun a lot better. :)

  2. I need to follow you on instagram!

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