June 10, 2013

Chocolate Chip Twix Cookies

Happy Monday!  Well , it's more like, where's my coffee? curse word. curse word. curse word.

I have a fabulous cookie for you to try!  You can't beat caramel and chocolate together, it's one of the best combos out there! I have seen tons of different recipes for this type of cookie and most of them look ridiculously tasty.  However, I decided to take the "easy way out" I guess you could say.  But here's why.  One recipe was a chocolate cookie with twix in the middle. It looked yummy but was too similar to these beauties. Another recipe called for far too many steps , while also refrigerating the cookies on a sheet pan for a WHOLE hour.  No one even has an hour to spare anymore, let alone waiting an hour to get a tasty cookie baked and into your mouth!  No thanks.

Enter: Nestle Toll house original chocolate chip cookie mix, { minus the nuts} with chopped up twix bars! Simple and hella good!

It may not sound too genius-like, but as I was making them, it sure felt like it.  These were fun to make, too.  I like to make larger than normal cookies. As you can see...

An ice cream scoop is necessary for this batter.  Of course I took a spoon to the "leftovers".  Who are we kidding?

The texture of the twix bar in these cookies are wonderful.  Because of its cookie base, it provides a great crunch.

Chocolate Chip Twix Cookies


-Nestle Toll house original chocolate chip cookie mix { find recipe on back of chocolate chips and try not to eat all of the chips before use }.
-1 small bag of Twix fun size candy bars; chop with a large knife as seen below:
-1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips


- Follow baking instructions on chocolate chip package. You don't have to make cookies as large as mine, but if you do, bake them for 12 minutes instead of 9.

-Let them cool completely before scarfing them down!  They will go quickly, trust me!

*These can be easily frozen.  Enjoy!

What's your favorite cookie combination?  I love chocolate/caramel/and marshmallow flavors the best!

What are your opinions on eating cookie batter?  I can't not sneak a taste. Or two. Or five.


  1. I have been eating cookie dough for like 30 years, and I'm still standing.
    these look way too good! I LOVE twix! Caramel is our ingredient for Bakin' Friend this month...you may have just inspired me!

  2. holy- i'm just starring at my computer screen. yep, just starring.those look AMAZING. and oh i am the worst when it comes to cookie dough- i eat half of it. in fact if someone doesnt intervene to tell me that its time to actually BAKE the cookies, i will it eat it all.

    1. Thanks so much, Charlotte! I do the same thing sometimes with the batter....no self control!