June 7, 2013

Most Popular Recipes

Good morning and happy Friday!

I was scrolling through my recipes to make some changes here and there, and then took a look at all of the different page views for the recipe section.  Since I started this lil' ol' blog this past December, it's been fun and interesting to see the numbers for my page views.  Each post is different of course and so are the page views. I'm talking one post can have just 10 views and another post can have 114. { yes, 114. } !  Although I'm sure that number is peanuts in Deb's World, but she's allowed to think that because she rocks!  It's exciting to see whose eyeballs glance at your site, even  if it really is just for 5 seconds. I can only hope it gets even better as time goes on!  Many thanks!

I have a confession. I'm secretly obsessed with Barnes and Noble! I never really go there because the closest one to me is a half hour away and the one in Philly is 9 blocks from my office. Meh.  I don't know what it is because I'm not the biggest reader but I do read. When I see a sea of cookbooks though?  I die.  It's heaven to me and I could make a day out of it skimming cookbooks in a beanbag chair. Are they still around?  I would occasionally stop for Starbucks which is already in the store! Love it!

By the way, update on this blog heading to Word press: slowly but surely.  Life is, well, life and to do the transfer from blogger to a new host will take time and full attention.  I want it to be done right. I can't stand things done half-assed and/or rushed!  That's the update for now. I'll keep ya posted!

So, back to the page views and recipes page. I thought it would be cool to share with you, my dear friends, my most apparently popular/ looked at recipes.  I hope you also try some of these recipes because, why would I share anything that tastes awful, like celery or a bag of old Cheetos...

What's that?  You mean you never ate Cheetos not looking at the expiration date on the bag because you were literally staring at the television watching a brand spankin' new episode of The Real Housewives?  That's when I learned that particular bag was a year old. I probably eat Cheetos once a year, but that story I just told is for reals.  *barf*.  Here I go again with the tangents!

So, here are the "most popular/viewed' recipes of mine, so far, and not in any particular order. I hope you enjoy them and maybe even make a few this weekend.  They are yum! :)


  1. Oh wow all these recipes look so delicious! baking is my favorite rainy weekend activity. plus i love making my own salad dressing so I'm definitely going to have to give that honey mustard vinegrette a try! have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Charlotte! Agreed-I love baking and cooking on rainy days. I think it's supposed to be rainy on Saturday! I hope I can be like Ina for that day and cook up a feast! :)