May 11, 2013

Mother's Day and a few Brunch Menu Ideas

Hey you!

I'm going out tonight. So this post is being posted a day early in case I'm way too tired to open my laptop tomorrow. I also am hoping to attend a morning Bikram sesh. Hehe. I crack myself up.  We shall see.

So Happy Mother's Day to all of my mommy friends!  You're truly all rockstars!!

I hope {at some point} tomorrow, you'll take some time for yourself.

I also wanted to take a moment and say hi to my mom. Thank you for all you do. You're a beautiful woman inside and out.

Happy Mother's Day!  Love you.

If I haven't said it before, I adore brunch food.  It makes me smile and I like to call it pretty food. Well, I personally feel it's pretty.  Between mimosa's, omelette's, and fresh fruit and many, many more items, how can they not be pretty?

If you're going out for brunch with your mama, or sharing a nice spread of it at home, or you just love breakfast-type-foods, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite recipes for breakfast from this blog with you.  Enjoy!

These would all be lovely for brunch.  Have a wonderful day, whatever you decide to do.  :)

And mommies:  take care of you!

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