April 3, 2013


Happy Hump Day!

I feel like I've been completely sort of lying to you on this blog.  I would never dare do that!  I guess it's not quite 'lying', but more about not keeping promises?  Like how awhile back, I told you that Friday Five was going to be an every.single.Friday.thing.?  Well, that was a fib because I've only done about three of those I believe.  I'm sorry!  Please don't be mad at me?  If you are mad, let's cool down.  Let's just eat some comfort food on the couch, have some good wine, watch a movie, and then have some incredible makeup... dessert?  Cocktails?  ;)

I aim to be PG on this blog, but here and there I have to throw in some -13 at ya! 

Moooooving on...

Because of that hot mess above and how it irks me that I have possibly said a few things that I have not been keeping up on, I shall not do that anymore.  This blog motivates me enough to always provide you with some great recipes, exercise info {once in a blue moon....love/hate people....love/hate}, and just life in general. That's really what this blog is about.  It's about the everyday things. Moderation.  I'm all about starting something new and going through with it. But honestly? It took me an entire year to just start this here blog!  I have started it and I maintain it as whole almost every.single.day. I love it. And for now, instead of stressing to meet that Friday.Five every week, I'll worry about this blog as a whole, and give you an awesome recipe or the newest exercise I have tested out.   Fair enough?

Well, then.  Sorry for the vent/rant.  I'm really quite fine.  I just wanted to let you in on my thoughts about that minor issue that I had.  Now on to some fun stuff!  I am currently bored at work.  This morning was pretty busy though, {thank the man above}.  I'm literally sitting here with some incredible and juicy watermelon next to me. I also have a hummus and tomato pita wrap that I'm about to sink my teeth into.  I like to share instagram photos on here as a 'bored-remedy.'  And also for the fact that I am obsessed with instagram, as some of you may already know. So, enjoy at a later time today, or now, if you're bored like me!

What are you having for lunch today?

Sammy about a year ago. Love my little peanut. Can't believe he'll be 3 in July!!

Yummy Malbec.

Hair = way.too.long.

Sometimes ya just need a yummy Tombstone frozen pie.

Cheese/fruit danishes. Another weakness of mine.

My favorite mint candy. Thin mints would be next, obviously.

Pretty Pink Roses from the Hubby!

Warmer weather means we can sit around this thing!!

And roast these babies!  I love the 1970s vintage' look these marshmallows have. Thanks to Instagram! :)

Homemade Sangria. And it was GOOD!

Haven't tried the sweet potato yet, but those Apple Straws are almost gone!

Sammy hard at work!


  1. Send me some of those cheese danish!

    1. haha! I know! Why do they have to be so amazing? I literally always stop and take a moment whenever I see them. strange but necessary. :)

  2. I just want to say that I absolutely ADORE your dog! Shih Tzu's are one of my favorite breeds (along with Chihuahua's) Who doesn't love a real life teddy bear?!

  3. Thanks Ashli!! I adore this breed! {he's my first one...I grew up with two maltese and a toy poodle}. They are the best! Your blog is adorable :)

  4. Aww thank you :) I just joined the blogging community after reading for EVER!