April 4, 2013

The Best Turkey Wrap Ever

I have a thing for wraps. Like, I may be having an affair. Just don't tell the hubby.  I love turkey too, but I rarely eat it.  Thanksgiving is a different story.  That may be the only time I go all out on turkey. Although when it comes to  wraps, fugetaboutit.  I adore a good turkey wrap filled with lettuce, fresh sliced tomatoes, a little mayo, and bacon.  I have always liked Panera's Turkey Bacon Bravo, {here} but my love for wraps is much bigger. We're talking HUGE! 

I have specified wraps for different ingredients, actually. Yes, I'm weird.  Honey-wheat is for sweet stuff.  Honey, peanut butter, and strawberry jam.  Whole grain wraps are for the same ingredients, but also for hummus or melted cheddar cheese and black bean dips. Hungry yet? And, ahhh.  We come to the above pictured wrap...roasted red pepper.  I adore tomato-basil and spinach wraps, too.  All three would go fabulous with this turkey wrap. 

So what are the ingredients, you're wondering?  Oh no worries.  I didn't forget that part.

Well, there's fresh deli turkey, of course, cut 'decently' thick.  {I use the word decently a lot. I suck with measurements and widths and lengths.  So sue me}.  And then some button lettuce leaves. And then some minced up sun-dried tomatoes soaked in wonderful, silky EVOO. Two slices of fresh tomato. Three to four thick slices of apple-smoked bacon, chopped and cooked til crispy. A little bit o' mayo and some salt and pepper.  Oh yes. It's realllllly good!

If you still aren't drooling, maybe these pictures will move the process along.

Isn't she pretty?!  Oh man, I could really go for this right now.  I don't have turkey though. Meh.

This is so delicious and refreshing and flavorful.  It's decently healthy and filling for at least two hours.  I will say that the olive oil from the sun-dried tomatoes can make this wrap a tad slippery, but it's worth it. I promise.  I personally think the sun-dried tomatoes make this wrap...perfection!

Your taste buds will thank you.

Tomorrow is Friday! {Thank God}.  Treat yourself for lunch and make this wrap!  You may need to hit the food  store now if you need all the ingredients.    Hurry...

Let me know what ya think. :)

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