March 30, 2013

Peanut Butter Banana Ice Box Pie

Hey you!

I'm currently writing up this post listening to awesome 80s pop music!  What are you doing on this lovely Saturday?

My bad. I have missed you. I really have. I hate when I let more than three days go by that I don't post anything.  Life hasn't even been too crazy. So I guess I will chalk it up to simply taking a break from the blog world. Although, I still checkout FB (even though I find FB to be reallllllly annoying lately).  And I am obsessed with Instagram.  It is healthy to take a break here and there.

On Thursday, the hubby and I got a comp room down in Atlantic City.  It's been about six months since we've been there and we only live about 45 minutes from the Vegas knock-off.  Sad.  We had a fun time! It's always nice to sneak away from your daily routine even if it's for one day.  However, I wasn't even 3 glasses in with my yummy wine, and during an incredible meal here, I somehow came to the conclusion that Instagram was "experiencing technical difficulties and wasn't taking photos at the moment."  What the hell is wrong with me?!  And then I complained here and there that I left my point and shoot at home and couldn't take photos of our insane steak dinner!  I was pretty bummed because, well, I love food. I love photos of beautiful food, and I have a food blog. It's a job. I have to do it.  But after the 3rd glass at dinner, I became a tad more rational and things started to make more sense...ironic right?  So the idea to simply re-start my phone came upon me as we were leaving the restaurant.  Oh well.

Then we visited a few nice lounge bars and walked around the casino since we have never been to this casino before. It seems smaller, but it's very modern and really nice.

So, before we get to the delish peanut butter pie I made, I feel I NEED to show you a few yummy treats that I finally DID instagram at our favorite diner that we stopped at on the way home. I think you'll appreciate these photos; especially if you're a breakfast type person. Everything was so damn tasty!!

Room with a beautiful view.

Hubby's Chocolate Shake

Pork roll, American cheese, fried egg on toasted English Muffin.  Amazing!

Now that you're drooling, I hope....let's talk about this easy, quick, and tasty frozen pie!

You may need a mop after seeing this, too.

Tomorrow for Easter, we are having brunch at my husband's Aunts' house.  I am making some kind of bundt cake and maybe something else.  I'll get back to you on the bundt cake. :)  I'm not sure what gave me the itch to make this frozen treat earlier today.  It's a gorgeous 'first day of Spring' feeling in the air, but it's not like a sweltering August day.  And we weren't having company over or anything. And it was not for Easter.  I just randomly thought about whipping this up and I must say, it's pretty awesome.  I did have two ripe bananas staring at me in the fruit bowl.  I'll use that excuse.  Not that any one ever needs an excuse to cook....right?

This would be the perfect Summer time dessert. {in my opinion}.

Peanut Butter Banana Ice Box pie

Crust ingredients

15-20 Vanilla Wafer Cookies
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 stick unsalted butter, melted completely

-Place the wafers in a large Ziploc bag and smash either with a wooden spoon or rolling pin.  {the rolling pin scared me a bit. I could just imagine the bag popping open and wafers flying everywhere!  I went with the spoon and it did a decent job}.

In a small sauce pan, melt the stick of butter completely. Place the crumbled wafers in an 8x8 baking dish and then pour the melted butter over the wafers.  Finally, combine in your sugar; stir well.

Filling ingredients

2 ripe bananas, mashed well
1/2 cup melted peanut butter
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 T. milk
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1/2 of the Lite Cool Whip Tub  *I used about 3 good-sized amounts on my spatula.

-Mix all ingredients and combine well in a medium bowl.  Once well blended, pour on top of your crust and spread evenly. Top with your whipped topping, spread evenly and smooth. Finally, drizzle with about a Tablespoon more of melted peanut butter.  A good 1-2 minutes is perfect time for a nice melted peanut butter consistency.

Place in the freezer for at least 2-3 hours.  When you take it out, it doesn't necessarily need to be thawed, but it's the crust that will be frozen, longer.  You can still get a good square of the filling and topping, but the crust may need to be completely thawed.  I might use a graham cracker crust next time. However, the vanilla wafers  still make a good and flavorful crust. Live and learn right?

This really was refreshing and delicious!


Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and have a wonderful Easter!

Did you eat anything delicious  or sinful today?!

-I made a lot of food today. For us to eat {a little}.  More for the blog though.  I made a yummy turkey wrap, sinful chocolate covered cookies, { recipe to come}. and this pie.....I'm putting on comfortable pants soon!

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