March 27, 2013

30 Random Facts You May {or may not have} Known About Me


This post is a tad lengthy, but I wanted to write about this for some time now.  Read if you have some time. Or if you like me.  Remember, I like you...a lot!

Each day, my mind goes crazy. Not in that psycho, crazy and insecure ex-girlfriend kind of way, or a scene out of Fatal Attraction.  My mind goes crazy, in a fun and creative way.  It goes crazy for this blog. My baby. My current obsession.  Yes, I am obsessed with my blog and the 30 or more other blogs that I tap into daily.  Most are food related, but a few are lifestyle blogs as well.  The entire blogosphere amazingness that is BLOGGING, has me consumed,{for the most part}.


I constantly have different ideas and thoughts about what to cook or bake, or just write about.  I think all writers, in general, go through this sort of thing at some point. It wouldn't be normal if that did not occur. {At least that's how I feel about it}.  The mind can get tangled and confused  at times as well, and that's when I, personally, say things to myself, like, "relax. breathe. this is your blog and your baby. You want it to be great and you want to make it wonderful. Write whatever you are thinking. Write from your heart."  I have to do that here and there for myself. It makes me feel a little more comfortable and a little more at ease.  It's difficult to grasp the concept sometimes that there are  who, at some point, will read your blog. They will read what you put down in the draft box.  It's scary at times.  Clicking that Publish button, I think I once lost five pounds, that's how nervous I was.  I got over it quickly though. You just sort of have to.

And so, I have realized, as my baby is almost 3 months old and it's all mine, I can damn well write {literally, damn well write) pretty much anything I want and you'll just have to like it. :)  I kind of hope you do, too. While of course I would eliminate telling you the times I went to the ladies room or cursed out an elderly driver whom should not be allowed on the road anyway, {those 'posts' seem more relevant for Twitter or FB, no?} I have decided to let you in on 30 random and honest facts about me.  Because who wants to read stuff from a fibber? Bloggers need to be real and honest and open, 110% of the time or in my eyes, you shouldn't be blogging. It defeats the purpose. People crave honesty. We all want to know the truth. It's much more interesting that way I think.  And things only go badly when one doesn't embrace the truth. I think respecting Truth is very, very important. 

Remember those long email chain-like surveys that you answered questions about yourself and then sent it to 10 friends or else you would not find the love of your life , never be kissed, or would, apparently die? Yeah, the following is in no way like that.  But when I participated in them, at the time I enjoyed it.  At 16 years of age, I didn't think of them as a waste of time.  What priorities does one reallllly have at the tender age of 16 other than throwing a few plastic balls in red solo cups and looking cute for your crush? Yes, yes. I drank some beers at 16/17. It happens.

I wanted to write this for you. And at my tender age of 30, this was , in its I think better form, fun for me this time around as well.  Here we go:

1. My obsession with dark chocolate grows every single day. I dream about dark chocolate, usually and there's not a day that goes by that I don't eat at least one piece.

2. I can remember, down to the last detail, my dreams. About 97% of them. Past and present. 

3. I have an obsession with the bob haircut. I love that style on anyone I see. It's adorable and I am jealous that I really do not have the right kind of hair for it.  But about every two years, I get it cut like that anyway.

4. I will totally be going very short and getting a bob style after my cousins wedding in June.

5. Throughout most of my adult life, I have felt misunderstood and to this day, I still feel like certain people don't get who I truly am. But at this stage in my life and at this age, I hardly think about that feeling. I can't worry about other people anymore. It's no longer dire.

6. If I see glitter, a cupcake or a puppy, I instantly smile. It's such an automatic thing for me.

7. My #1 pet peeve are any kind of unnecessary mouth noises. chewing with mouth open (gum or food), smacking lips, swallowing loudly, and slurping loudly.  Unless you have a god awful cold and cannot breathe whatsoever, I find it to be painfully unnecessary and my blood boils.  I have to leave the area it's happening in. Yes, it's that bad.

8. I feel I'm an elite movie buff. I love movies and could watch them parked on the couch

9. I love to get dolled up and go somewhere lively, but I much prefer my sweats,watching a movie, curled up next to my hubby and my dog.

10. I love a good book that draws me in so much that it's finished within two days.

11. I hate bubble baths and haven't taken one since 1999.

12. My favorite season is Fall. I love caramel, apples, and pumpkin. I adore the crisp, cool fall-smelling air. {you know what smell I'm talking about; it's so lovely.} I got married in October. My husband and I were labeled an 'item' in October, which happens to also be our wedding date. My birthday is close to Halloween. And I love Halloween for the scary movies, dressing up, and course, all the candy.

13. I despise anything 'sci-fi' or Western.

14. I adore consignment shops.  They seem to be all I shop at lately.

15. I am petrified to.the.core of snakes. I will scream bloody murder at the sight of even a baby garden snake. I will also run far, far away; just like Forrest did.

16. I love kissing and smelling the top of my dogs head. He's a 14 pound , almost 3 year old Shih Tzu. He's so stinkin' cute. And clearly, I love his head.

17. I've recently discovered that all of the candles in my house are food-related. I'm okay with that.

18. My all time favorite movie is Sleepless in Seattle.

19. I select the snooze button at least 8 times before I actually get out of bed.

20.  I want two children. A boy and a girl would be ideal, but two of any sex and healthy, would be wonderful.

21. My dream job would be blogging from home and taking care of the kids, and maybe a little side job in the future of working at a cafe/bakery doing behind the scenes stuff.

22. I will never understand beanie hats and why coffee house people take their beanie hats and coffee so seriously.

23. I hold a special place in my heart for food trucks.

24. I sometimes wish I got a degree in either Psych or Sociology. I really feel that I can read people really well and just 'get them' most of the time. It's a weird feeling but I like the idea of that kind of job.

25. I can't stand cocky women in their over sized Hummers. They look so silly. Especially if they look like they weigh 10 pounds and you can't see them anywhere in the vehicle.

26. My weakness food is Ice Cream. Especially Ben&Jerry's.  However, I don't care for ice cream cake.

27. I'm not a fan of brownies that have nuts in them, or cake and brownies that are topped with ice cream. It's a temperature/texture thing.

28. I have 1 tattoo on my lower right back that's 11 years old. I really want 1 more somewhere small on my right foot.

29.  I enjoy the occasional cigar. 

30.  I love dining ware that has cute and frilly floral prints on them.

Never forget how much I love you. 

You can learn a little more about me here.


  1. Danielle Smith3/27/2013 2:36 PM

    4. I cannot wait to see this! Go for it. 'The Karlie' is the new thing to do with your hair : )

    5. Amen sister, I feel the same way.

    11. WHAT?! Bubble baths are like a religion to me. you should give them another try.

    22. People take themselves too seriously in general.

    28. What do you want to get?!


  2. Haha! I hear bubble baths are not too healthy for women... Maybe in the future after a long day with crazy kids I'll need one. :-)

    I'm still not sure what I'd get on my foot and it bugs me!

  3. I love #9 and #12! I also have a similar career goal of #21 :) Maybe we can open a bakery/cafe together??? :)