March 25, 2013

Hot Stuff

Hey There!

I didn't tell you that I started doing Bikram-hot yoga recently.  Granted, I've only done it twice so far, but I kind of love it!  It's hard. And you're sweaty, like, dripping beads of sweat-drenched sweaty. I have never sweat like that I don't think ever.  It makes me feel good though and every time I do it, I like to challenge myself  with the crazy 26 poses that you do. The only thing I'm not a fan of is doing stuff with the head. The back and forth, front and back. It hurts and it's slightly annoying.  Everything else is pretty awesome.  Wish me luck as I hope to stick with it at least 3 times a week!

Maybe one day soon I'll get nice shots at the studio, but you can't bring anything in with you except the mat, water, and towels and I don't want to look shady taking pictures. Or like some crazy lady instagramming away on her IPhone.  I will say the studio is adorable though and spotless.  The ladies/shower/changing area reminds me of a new college dorm room.  Cute accessories adorn the walls and pretty purples with black set a nice mood.

Dinner tonight was this scrumptious and spicy treat.

Whole grain wrap with cheddar cheese, cucumber, cilantro, sriracha chili sauce, and my favorite black bean dip!

This 'quesadilla' hit the spot!

Hate to keep this short and sweet, but the hubby and I are catching a flick in twenty minutes!  Looking forward to buying popcorn and candy being good and not ordering anything.  we'll see.

How was your Monday?!

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  1. yay!! Bikram yoga is one of my most favorite's killer, but awesome!! good for you!