March 1, 2013

Friday Five!

Hi There!

Is it really Friday??  Thank the Lord.

Oh yeah! Happy March, too!  I feel these sugary treats are necessary in celebration of Day 1 of a new month.

These are also my #1 favorite thing this week!

1. Shamrock {sugar cookies}.  I found these at Di Brunos Bros. Gourmet about 5 blocks from my office.  I go in there at least once a week.  This is the place if you want pasta, or chicken, or sushi, or bagels, or a simple orange or cranberry juice.  This store is my total happy place. It's heaven.  It's Disney on crack pretty much.  These cookies were moist, chewy, sweet and hit the spot for my midday sweet tooth!  What??  I only ate one...

And just a few more photos to entice you...

The Black and White cookie.  This here is a N.Y. staple at Delicatessens.  But this place has them too. 

And they are gooood.

Hmmm, I guess my #1 should really be Di Brunos Bros.  I may have to think this through.

 2.  Pretzels with cheese!  The Applebee's kind.  Yes, you can't make this up.  It's like, a real thing.

And it's insanely delicious!

 These are so soft and warm and ohsogood dipped in that bubbly and gooey cheese. 

I had a dinner date with my best red head and this was our appetizer. They give you four of these bad boys, but one of us just could no longer wait. 

Please order these the next time you visit your Neighborhood!

We indulged in some 1000 calories yummy cocktails, too.

3. Old Notes.

Well, these aren't the fun 6th grade notes you passed to your girlfriends in History class.  Or in 10th grade,

I'm not here to judge. 

These were notes that I started jotting down of what I ate in order to track my weight.  These notes were strictly about diet and exercise for almost about one year. I was just cleaning out a drawer with old college textbooks and regular books and I guess at some point I threw this notepad in there as well.  I joined a gym in November 2011, and only wanted to lose 10 pounds and get in better shape.  Which I did. And as I was reading my notes, I found it pretty amusing and interesting all at the same time.

Yes.  I wanted that number to be my goal weight. And I did get to that in about 6 months.  It felt great.

I am amused at my high school style handwriting and doodles.


It was fun to see what things I ate.

I know, I know. I totally jacked up the word Pomegranate. 

Annnd , pretty much after July of 2012, I stopped writing anything down!  But that was because I was happy with my weight and just kept maintaining it for almost a year now. I know I didn't have a significant amount to lose, but a goal is a goal.

You should totally keep a journal and track what you eat and the exercises you do as well if you have a weight loss goal you'd like to reach.  It really works and at times, it was fun. :)

4. Consignment Stores. {Second Time Around}.

Love. It. Here

This store is clean and beautiful.  It has wonderful prices, too! They have everything you can think of. 

It's pretty awesome and you should probably check it out.

I found an adorable dress for....wait for it....$15!   youcan'tpassthatup.

Love it. 

I'd love to go here once a week, but ya know, ya gotta stretch the spending out a bit. I'd say I pop in the store maybe 3 times a month. sniff.

5.  Soft and Chewy Caramels

These are such a pal when you are shopping.  I grabbed about ten of these in Di Brunos before heading over to the consignment store.  They were only 69 cents each.  Yep!

Can you see the softness??

These were so so so tasty!

Your fillings might hate you, though.

Did anything tickle your fancy this week? 

Share...I want to know!

Have a great Friday!



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