March 1, 2013

Rolo Cookies

I think it would be in your best interest to make these cookies. Like, this weekend.  Mmmk?

These cookies taste just like the milk chocolate caramel candies.  Or Rolo's taste just like these cookies.  Maybe they are long lost twins and they have just found one another.  However the story goes, these cookies are the bomb!

That chewy, sweet caramel flavor baked smack dab in the middle of this dangerous cookie dough batter is INSANE!  You can find this awesome and simple recipe Here.

Six Sisters' Stuff is a wonderful food and craft blog, created by, you guessed it...six sisters!  That's a ton of estrogen!  They are beautiful, fun girls who all have a different story and make their blog wonderful every single day! 

Their recipes are filled with many varieties of slow cooker meals {which are fabulous, FYI }and fast and easy, yet incredible dinners and desserts.  Oh MAN their desserts.  These ladies are so stinkin' clever! I find myself always checking out their dessert index first if I want to make some kind of cookie/muffin/bar/brownie/chocolate thing.  And that's exactly where I found these gold mines.  I HAD to make these and soon!

Note:  The only thing I did differently was use two mini rolo candies instead of the regular candy size.  I could only find the minis and they still got the job done. Totally.  Completely.  I was pretty proud of myself..I only ate all one of these.

Enjoy with an ice cold glass of milk.  Or red wine.  Your pick.


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