February 28, 2013


Happy Thursday, Folks!

This dude says hello!

I finally see Friday peeking through!  A little bit.  For once in my life, I'm actually not looking forward to Tomorrow being Friday.  The next morning I'm getting a blood test for my cholesterol again; {I got the first one taken back in October...normal routine/yearly blood work}.  It's most likely going to still be sort of high because "high" cholesterol runs in both my mother's family and my father's. So...the odds of mine still being high will be pretty much 'high.'    Phew, say that ten times fast. It's just annoying to repeat that to the Dr. again.  I exercise and eat healthy 90% of the time. 

The other obvious reason I'm not looking forward to tomorrow is because once the clock strikes 10:15pm, I will need to fast and only drink water if need be.  Oh well, I can suck it up for one night, right?? Why yes, yes I can!   I'm thinking a good crock pot meal will happen for dinner, I just don't know what that is yet.  I do know that as soon as I get home, I am hitting the gym! I miss it and feel kind of gross. I haven't worked out AT ALL since Saturday.  I still like to think that my 8 block walks , 5 days a week count as a workout.  Maybe just a little.  Meh.

In the meantime, I'd like to share some of my favorite Instagram photos with you. It's mainly because I am currently bored at work.  I also don't think I have really posted any recent instagram photos on this blog.  Most of them are just on the All in Moderation Face book page.

So if you are bored, too, then join me and enjoy!

*warning* there may be a lot of puppy pics!  But I get the feeling that's quite an OK thing.

I do miss Christmas...

Or maybe just that tree. 

I miss Summer even more....

Buy this candle and light it now!  You'll have summer time in your living room.


Pretty Views...

Rittenhouse Square

Ocean City, NJ

Pretty Philly Wine Bar


Pretty Baby Shower and its pretty food :)

Train ride home...

Doing anything exciting this weekend?! 

I plan on baking a good amount, hitting the gym, reading, and relaxing. And I just have to run a few errands.  Maybe Bed, Bath and Beyond. Not sure. There may not be enough time.  :)

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