February 4, 2013

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Aren't these pretty???

Hold that thought...

Another Monday is almost gone. Thank God.  How was your Monday?  I am just so beyond over cold weather.  I know it will be gone before we know it, but in the meantime, gross. Today was very quiet in the office. I think a lot of people 'faked sick' from the previous night of super bowl fun, yummy munchies, and many different libations.  Hey, I am not judging either. I was 10% contemplating on calling out of work today. I was so warm and cozy and tired. But that idea did not last long.

 The hubs and I just took it easy. Surprisingly, we did not pig out at all. {I kind of really wanted to pig out...}. I made us cute little turkey burgers on these cute tiny rolls, and sliced red pepper strips with a sour cream and siracha chili sauce, and some pretzels.  Say no more. I know that is so sad for super bowl food.  It was all tasty, but I couldn't help but think of chicken wings, pizza and a 7 layer taco dip. Can I be honest for a minute?  I'm glad we did not eat that stuff.  My insatiable appetite got the best of me over these past two weeks and today is the first day I feel back on track. I ate great today and had a great workout tonight!  Not a bad Monday...since Mondays, well, suck!  :-)

Did you get a workout in today?  Were you decently good with food for the super bowl or did you throw caution to the wind and hover over that taco dip?  Again, no judgement here. Taco dip is awesome!

This was dinner tonight...

Pretty tasty and I do like Salad Works, but they are not cheap.  It was 18 bucks for the two of us!  Nuts!

I always get the same thing when I go:

Turkey Club, no tomato and add black olives and cucumber with Light Balsamic Vinaigrette.

I did make and eat (1) bad thing yesterday. And that would be these cookies...

I wanted to make something sweet and simple and just freeze them up for Valentine's Day next week. And if we forget about them, well then they will just be a nice surprise on a kickin' sweet tooth day.We don't have any plans for that day just yet, it's also on a work day, but I'm sure we will resort to a nice dinner out, maybe. :-)

I'm not the biggest fan of white chocolate. But there is just something I cannot pinpoint about cranberry and white chocolate together. It's just such a delicious combo!  And, again, aren't they pretty??  They totally have that Valentine's Day flair to them.  I only ate one yesterday, to make sure it was good. Really.  And they were oh so good.  I'm looking forward to when I really want something sweet. These will definitely hit
the spot!

I found this recipe Here

This is a great recipe and the only thing I would change is the baking time. I baked these for 12 minutes only because I made them a bit larger and only got 12 cookies. {which is fine...we don't need more than that}. I also think 12 minutes is the perfect bake time for cookies. Usually.  So far so good with the cookies I've made in the past.  Go get yourself some dried cranberries and white chocolate chips and bake these up!

Dried cranberries are pretty healthy for you too....just saying.


  1. Stopping by (:

    Those cookies sound amazing!!

  2. They really were! Thanks for stopping by. :-)