February 5, 2013

Hubby's Mac & Cheese and Silly Things

This was really yummy!  Thanks Darlin'!

The hubby is good with two things when it  comes to food.  Eating it and grilling it.  :-)  I like to grill too, but in the summer, I leave the grill in his hands.  He can be called The Grill Master for all I care. I am content with my griddle and grill all in one. :-)  I wonder if he'll read this post...

He also makes a righteous mac and cheese!  I purchase Velveeta cheese for one purpose and one purpose only and that is for my husband. And when he makes this mac and cheese. Don't get me wrong, I love Velveeta cheese. Velveeta shells and cheese were the best!  My childhood is all coming back to me now. But when I  make mac and cheese, it usually involves a type of 'baked'/ casserole thing with extra creaminess and sage and thyme and maybe pumpkin and some bread crumbs.  mmmmmm.  I could go on. As you can see though, my style of a mac and cheese is a bit more intricate. But I love it when he makes this dish.  He normally makes it with either elbow macaroni or shells. I only had one box left of Rigatoni.  It was still really good!  I have some leftover for lunch and looking forward to it!

Tonight consisted of another pretty darn good workout.  I'm slowly starting to have feelings for the stair machine again.  We may even hold hands one day soon.  I don't know why but yoga has been on my mind in the past week. Just here and there, I will think about doing it again.  I have only tried yoga once; and that was back in March of 2011.  So, it's been almost two years.  It was a free session and that's why I tried it out.  I liked it, but it was only one time.  Not enough time to form an opinion.  I know yoga is wonderful for the body and for great stretches and poses. I will admit that I am not the best 'strectcher'... especially before a workout.  I stretch, but I doubt it's the correct way. 

What kind of stretches do you do before working out?  I do the typical touching my toes, stretching out the legs and arms.  Even those 'windmill' arm stretches, haha. Hey!  They do loosen you up! 

Do you practice yoga?  What do you love about it?  Don't love? 

I have heard of that 'hot yoga'.  It actually sounds really interesting. I love to sweat. Any pointers/tips for this would be great!

I'm curious to know what your daily routine is.  And I thought I'd share mine with you:

-I always set my alarm for 6am.
-I continue to hit snooze until 7am. Moan, yawn and stretch, while also throwing out a curse word or two.
-It's literally routine; I just cannot seem to get out of bed before 7am.
Oh yeah and side note; that whole 'waking up even earlier to workout in the morning' ha!
...maybe one day...
-The hubs 90% of the time is on  morning duty with Sammy. 
-I have to be on the train no later than 7:40am or else I'll be late.
-I walk 8 blocks , twice a day to work, 5 days a week. {I figure that mini 'workout' has to count a little right}? 
-I walk pretty fast, too. In all different types of weather.
-Some days I don't mind the walk at all.
-Other days I despise it.
-I usually make myself a little breakfast or 'lunch' the night before so I can just grab it and go.
-'Lunch' consists of either  a small salad with some kind of beans and a vinaigrette dressing, a peanut butter whole grain wrap, cereal with skim milk, or once in a blue moon, a more substance filled lunch...like that chicken salad on pita!! ;-) yum.
-I usually apply my makeup on the train because getting up at 7am leaves no time for doing that at home.  which is fine with me, I have no issues with that.
 -It's usually just some cover up and mascara but I insist on bringing my entire makeup case.
{It's not that large, but still}.
-I actually enjoy the approx. 30 minute ride into Philly.
-I either read a book, play games on my iPhone to pass up the time,  catch up on my favorite blogs, think of recipes, or  just close my eyes and relax.
-I need to start reading the last book of the Fifty Shades series. I purchased the 3rd book back in October and have yet to even start it! 
-I don't know why....I LOVED both book 1 & 2.  :-/
-I love taking the train instead of driving to work.
-I hardly ever stop anywhere for coffee or breakfast unless I am dying for coffee or breakfast or need something for lunch if I am all out of my 'work fridge items'.
-And  then I just start my day. :-) 

And at the end of the day?  It's hitting the gym, cooking a yummy meal, or thinking about what to eat for dinner, and blogging, of course! And we usually watch movies, (we are big movie buffs), or I watch my Real Housewives in bed.

Do you have a bedtime?  I can never , ever, ever, get to sleep before midnight. I am not happy about that, but it's just what happens. I have more energy at night, normally, especially after a good workout, and my mind is going a mile a minute with checking out blogs, working on this blog, and recipe ideas and new stories...ahhh it's crazy!  I am sometimes in bed by 10:30..but never asleep until after midnight. Lately I find myself falling asleep to the T.V. and waking up around 2ish, meanwhile knocking both remote controls off the bed and scaring the crap out of my dog. Poor pup. 

I guess that's why I sleep in until 7am, huh??

Sorry..I know that's pretty much a snooze fest, but that's what I do.

What's your routine like?  Is there a morning favorite  food item that you must have?

I am hoping to have a little more time one morning because I reallllly want to make a Berry Smoothie.  Greek yogurt, skim milk, and frozen berries.  I haven't done the smoothie thing in years!

I want to try this recipe  !!

And check Shawn out at I Wash, You Dry.  Adorable blog and great sounding recipes! 

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I love reading other people's schedules:) So fun! That mac and cheese looks incredible. Billy is the grill master too... I LOVE IT! I have to have greek yogurt in the morning!

  2. Haha that's great! Yeah...there's something aout 'men' and 'the grill.' I'm not even going to try and crack that weird code. :-) I LOVE me some greek yogurt! Especially Chobani Blueberry!