February 20, 2013

The Work Lunch Truck

Sometimes, these stationary vehicles are hidden gems. But the one that's parked right in front of my office owned by a hilarious Greek guy named George, is simply wonderful!  There's nothing that tickles my fancy more than walking past a lunch truck in the city on my way to work.  Some people may think this is absolutely repulsing , but I say, they're nuts!   No for real.  Some people really do think that food from a city lunch truck is not "normal" and that it's "gross".  I say they're missing out. There's nothing better than the smell of bacon sizzling away on the griddle in the morning.  Or the smell of co-workers lunches swarming all around me once the clock strikes noon.  I can smell a cheese steak a mile away. I think I do have the nose of a bloodhound sometimes.  It's scary what I can smell.

I have been with my current company for over two years now and a few months back, I decided to get lunch from George's lunch truck.  That was probably my 3rd visit overall. Sad but true.  The only reason for this is because I truly believe in having things in moderation. Sure, I could have given George a lot more visits for lunch, but I always try to be in control of what I eat, (most of the time).  I also hardly ever carry cash on me. That man needs to invest in a credit card machine. Otherwise, I'd probably be going there every other day. His food is good and cheap!  So when I visited him on this day, I decided to eat something that had more substance than a handful of almonds. I chose George's Chicken Salad on Pita Bread with lettuce, tomato, salt, pepper and hot sauce. (I adore a good hot sauce). I also recall adding a cranberry juice and a bag of jalapeno chips.  It was a delish lunch indeed!

This was my first time trying his chicken salad.   I can't even begin to describe this creamy, yet delicate and satisfying goodness.  This was probably the best chicken salad I've ever tasted. My mom and grand mom might currently have their jaws wide open right now.  You ladies have my permission to crack down on me later for the fact that I have yet to make your fabulous homemade lasagna!   Anyway, there are no subs for this chicken salad. None.  Maybe others. But not George's. I savored every single bite. Yes, this chicken salad is in no way low-fat, but it's worth it and yet so simply made.  It had shredded pieces of chicken, yet still with some chunks of chicken, plain mayo, salt and pepper.  That's it. He then serves it on a warm pita,  and then added the yummy toppings. Simple , yet fresh ingredients.  The best chicken salad yet!  Thanks George!  Next time I order it, I promise to snap a photo, that is if I haven't devoured it before hand.

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