February 20, 2013

Dinner Date with Dad! 1-5-13

Tonight I went to this awesome restaurant called Pat's in my hometown of Marlton.  It's fairly new and pretty modern.  They have everything from hoagies, to wraps, to pasta.  They do the "order up front and we'll bring your order out to you" type of business.  I like it that way. It's refreshing.  I went with my Dad.  We do dinner dates here and there. It was nice to catch up.  My mom went for the weekend to Indiana for, unfortunately, a funeral.  Her Uncle died; my Grandmother's brother.  My mom and a few of her cousin's all flew out together which is nice.  Today is also my mom's birthday! I felt bad that she had to go through all of that on her birthday, but such is life.  At least she's still with the people that she loves. 

I mention this little story because it was still a nice and special evening with my Dad.  My mom goes to church here and there, I think she started going again more recently.  My dad is Jewish so he will go with my mom once in a blue moon.  I don't belong to any religion. If I want to pray, I will do so in the comfort of my own home.  My dad and I went to my mom's church tonight because they announced my Grandfather's name in a nice, brief remembrance.  I went for my mom since she couldn't go.  And for my grand pop. And because it was her birthday.  And my Dad said he would go.  So, a few good reasons.  We did not stay for the entire mass.  We just stayed until they said my Grandfather's name.  It was about 30 minutes and we were ready for some eats.

I had a really tasty Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wrap.  It came with crazy good french fries, too.  The sauce had just the right amount of  heat.....I ate basically the entire thing.  { I feel like I'm slowly losing my will power}.  I was good all day and worked out so I was pretty darn hungry by 6:30pm. lol. I think there may have just been a little bit of a piece of flour tortilla left on the plate; and a couple more fries.  It  hit the spot for sure!  I get my appetite from my dad.  He LOVES food.  He also loves sauces and  unique flavors.  As do I. We are "dip" people!  I'm sometimes shocked at how he maintains his weight.  Besides him being 6 foot, the man can eat!  He does go to the gym though.  At any rate, the man looks great for...25!!  hehe :-)   (He's 59...really. He looks great!  Sorry Dad...but you do!  It was a great night! :-)

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