October 28, 2021

Kids Bento Lunch Boxes (small)




I came across these cute containers  on Amazon for my kids' lunch back in the summer.  I have three bigger size ones as well, but I prefer this size. Each day as I started packing her lunches, I was noticing a pattern.  It's that they don't have too much time during lunch to actually eat everything and they get too distracted anyway. If they are hungry, they'll eat whatever is there ( for the most part).

 When my daughter first started school this year, I didn't over pack her lunch, but I was giving her a snack bag with either graham crackers, popcorn , pretzels or goldfish- her favs. Her class does snack time at 11am. I don't really understand the whole idea behind snack time and I personally think it's silly and the time should be 10am, not 11am, which is one hour before their lunch time.  It's obnoxious, especially as the kids get older. So I noticed with giving her an applesauce, ( the only fruit she will actually eat these days) AND a snack bag, and then her lunch mainly consisting of the above photo, she was barely eating most of what was in her bento box.

 So recently, I've changed things up and I'm seeing a considerable difference.  She's eating most of her lunch and better now because there is less food!  Let me explain.  Again, kids' attention spans are so small these days, even for 2nd graders. And as my daughter has gotten older, I have been waiting for her to tell me when she is hungry.  I mention a snack here and there after school, or lunch over the weekends, but these days, that's really it.  Kids will eat when they are hungry, I promise. So besides her lunchbox, even at dinners, I have been giving her smaller portions than our meal, or one slice of pizza instead of two on pizza night. And guess what, like clockwork, after she gobbles up her first slice, she immediately asks for another one.

 I hate wasting food, and that's what kids do. They're pretty wasteful.  Start on the smaller side with whatever meal you are giving them and I promise shortly after they are "finished", they'll be asking for more.

 So now, I've ditched the snack bag and put a crunchy component in her lunchbox instead and guess what!? the lone applesauce pouch that barely ever got touched because of the other snack, is now gone everyday.  Stick with a protein ( salami/ham/turkey + a cheese they like or yogurt) a carb ( any crunchy snack like goldfish, crackers or pretzels) a fruit of the child's liking, and something sweet. I always add a few candy pieces or mini oreos, especially around Halloween time! 

 I hope this was helpful!  Good Luck and Happy Halloween! :) 



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