March 29, 2020

Quarantine 2020: Things I've Noticed

1. What is makeup anymore?
2. You must move your body, some way, some how.  Get those steps in. Get fresh air. Mental health/sanity is number one.
3. Hot showers at 4pm are my new normal and they feel amazing after what feels like a 17 hour day.
4. The insatiable hunger is real and it's SO EXTRA right now.
5. Maybe put locks on your pantry doors.
6. Honor your true appetite.  Eat if you truly feel hungry.  Now is NOT the time to cleanse or diet.  Chill.
7. It's time to get creative in the kitchen. Bake something.
8. Eat the chocolate, ice cream or nachos. at any time.
9. Time is on our side right now,so no need to stress and try to get everything in on one day.  Spread it out!
10. People wearing jeans.  Stop it.  That's not a priority right now. and I can hear the uncomfortable-ness.
11. Our children do not have a routine right now, so that means their eating habits will be a little off , as is ours.  and that's okay.
12. You will hear "i'm hungry" every hour from your child.  If you don't, you may be doing this "homeschooling" wrong.
13.  Your child will refuse to eat pretty much anything they DID eat when you packed their lunch and sent them off to school.  Weird, but very true in my case. Also make sure they're having regular bm's. it's important.  At least once a day bm's.
14. Don't force any school work. it doesn't work out well for either people.
15. DO offer them a choice so they do some work, and make it sound fun even though it feels corny. "we can do this math worksheet right now with the cute bears on it or this sentence story where you can also color in the crayons at the bottom."
16.Make a big deal about coloring their work, using markers or crayons.  Any chance my daughter gets to color AND do some school work is a win in my book!
17. Bring their work outside on a nice day. Fresh air always helps!
18. SIDEWALK CHALK!  Amazon Prime that shit!
19. You have already seen this everywhere but GoNoodle is great to get their bodies moving and CosmicKids Yoga!  Catchy songs too that will be stuck in your head all damn week.
20. Try to video chat in some form with family/friends and your kids classmates at least 2-3 times/week.
21. I find it to be tiresome, (video chatting) as I'm not a huge fan of talking on the phone or even sitting down to video chat , but it's good to do right now and obviously good for your kids too.
22. Skyping with your kids' classmate really just means you and the mom are interviewing one another and catching up on this crazy thing we call LIFE right now.
23. The kids will just say "hi and goodbye", out of the entire 30 minutes of video chat but that's okay.
24. If you have a dog, walk it a lot more simply because you have the time to. It's great exercise for you both.
25. It's okay to rest and not have a productive day too. Go with how you feel that day.
26. Feeling exhausted by 3pm?  I am.  that's normal.  We've been going nonstop with little ones since 6 or 7am.  Don't be hard on yourself.
27.  Feeling bored times?  Make a list!
28. Have that cocktail you REALLY want. Destress. Enjoy.  Just go easy. Remember, the kids are home 24-7 with you.  Hangovers will not be enjoyable the next day.
29. Call your grandparents at least once a week to catch up.  I miss my 94 year old grandmother like crazy and just want to give her a big hug!
30. Remember to keep laughing. Watch a comedy and lighten up about things, as hard as it can be certain days.
31. You may need to cut your spouses' hair. I did tonight and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. He's lucky.
32. Give your dog a bath. I may need to cut his hair soon too.  Eek!

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