August 7, 2019

Is It September Yet?

Time is flying! The Summer is flying by and to be quite honest, I'm very much ready for Fall.  It's my favorite season; the cooler air, the falling leaves, Halloween, Pumpkin Spice scented everything, apple and pumpkin picking, my wedding anniversary is in October and so is my birthday, and the most important thing of Fall, BACK TO SCHOOL!  Not for me, for my Kindergartner!  That's a whole other level of craziness right there- how is my only child entering elementary school already!? 

The Summer has been lots of fun, but since I'm home right now and not working, I am with my child 97% of the time and  We are currently going through still not getting up to use the potty in the middle of the night, ( my kid, not me) but she is a pretty good sleeper and a DEEP sleeper so, after trying a few different concoctions with bedding,bed time routines, stopping liquids an hour before bed,  going pee one last time right before getting into bed and explaining why we need to get up and go in the middle of the night, with tons of nightlights on and bathroom light on, I feel drained and defeated.  We've only been at this for a whole month so, work in progress?

I'll report back in two months and in the mean time purchase more mattress pads and liners. Ugh.  My daughter has also been going through what I hope is a phase of being basically an asshole who steals my stuff, doesn't tell me, and hides it in her purse and then later shows me what is in her purse. But she's five and isn't a bad person- she really has no clue what she's doing, but on the same token, she's not a baby anymore and definitely has some idea.  She has taken two packs of my gum and put them in a purse for a week and just yesterday, we were watching a movie and she showed me the gum she was CHEWING.  I was pissed off at first but also concerned because that's a choking hazzard.  We went into her room and I calmly discussed how we don't take things (add in the crying and yelling on her part for a few minutes) that aren't ours and to ask and tell what we are doing first before taking and hiding things.  This is when I also found three of my nail polish bottles in a different purse that she took and hid.  I told her the same spiel but adding that they are glass bottles and if she were playing with them and were to drop them, it would shatter the glass and stinky nail polish would be everywhere.

Have kids they said.  It will be fun they said.

Fast forward to right now where I am enjoying a break from my kid, catching up on a few things job search related and blogging while she is spending some quality time with daddy who is off work this week. I'm exhausted and feeling a little out of my mind because she is growing and learning new things every day and I try my hardest every day to soak that all up but it is exhausting trying to entertain her all of the time. And yet I know I don't HAVE to entertain her all the time.  For the record, she did ask me about keeping the gum in her purse when she first saw the new packs and I said 'yes', but that was agreed upon her NOT opening it and NOT taking a piece out and chewing it.  She told me numerous times she would not chew it and she did eventually. Classic case of a rebel, no?  I don't know.  It's a daily struggle for me to not think that I'm ruining my child.  The more you tell a person they can't do something, they want to do it.  But it's soooooo much harder telling that to a 5 year old who thinks they know everything.

 Each day sure is an adventure.  My daughter is truly a sweetheart 90% of the time and really, a great kid.  She's been getting more and more independent and wants to play in her room alone, which is totally cool.  But again, it's not all good because after this stealing and hiding conundrum, I can't totally trust her alone.  As of late, I've heard a lot of " that's why you have a second kid so they can entertain each other."  I get that, but it's not logical. I'm not making another human just so my kid has a play date and also they could easily hate one another and hate playing with each other.  No thanks.

So I'm still struggling with and working on that other 10% every day.  Here's to back to school and all you hard working moms out there, especially with more than one kid.  How are you people still breathing?!


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